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What Makes the Holiday Season Special to Us

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The holiday season is officially upon us! We asked our Ignite group to reflect on what makes the holiday season special to them. Read their responses:

What makes the holiday season special to you?

Barbara: Friends, family

Stephanie: Spending time with family and friends

Lawanda: Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, family

Alli: Giving kindness and get togethers with family and friends

Louis: Spending time with friends and family; When our staff cooks special meals; Putting up the tree after Thanksgiving

Danielle: Family

Maria: Spending time with my family

Lanni: Friends

Jimmy: Spending time with my family

David: Love


Why should someone support Search this holiday season?

Barbara: Because it’s an opportunity for them to give to a good cause. One that will help us to better serve the community we live in.

Lawanda: To work and make money

Alli: For love of people with disabilities; for funding trips and vacations; for nice supplies for us; for more activities

Louis: The money would make it possible for us to take part in some of the community activities; Make it possible for us to maybe make gifts for seniors or kids.

Danielle: We are a great organization that provides many jobs, even for people with disabilities. Search is dedicated to taking care of clients by providing group choices in outings, planning and many more services.

Maria: To help people at Search

Lanni: It will help us grow.

Jimmy: It would help us to be able to do more things in the community.


Give to Search and JJ’s List this season. Donate here!

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