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“It Opened My Eyes.”

Posted by on January 27, 2017 - 1 Comment

Municipal Employees get Trained

Officer in training

Officer in training

Asked how a Disability Awareness Training would help others in business, employees of the Village of Northfield, IL said the experience would be, “good for first responders,” and “at restaurants and stores for better customer service.”

And they should know because they recently got a Training thanks to a grant from New Trier Township.  Village employees, including maintenance workers, police, fire fighters and first responders learned how to use person-first language, how to sighted-guide and practiced interviewing skills with job candidates who have disabilities.

The  Disability Awareness Players were excited to work for the first time with the people who keep our communities safe and operating. The Village of Northfield audience was very engaged, and we received a lot of positive feedback. Here is what a few of the audience members had to say:

“Great presentation and incredible team from JJ’s List.”

“It opened my eyes and hopefully will do the same for others.”

Would your Village benefit from a Disability Awareness Training?  Sign up here.


1 Comment

Jon Rose says:
Aug 02, 2017

A lot can be learned from reading the ADA Standards and Dept. of Justice bulletins, but nothing beats good personalized awareness training, because if you’ve never been in a wheelchair, you don’t realize the challenges that can be out there.
Glad to see such successful training!

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