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TripCheck on Paratransit

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By Ed Madden, Coordinator for Public Outreach, Pace Suburban Bus

Pace is always looking for ways to help our riders get from place to place – and stay in the know!

   What is TripCheck?

TripCheck is a convenient way to keep track of your Pace ADA Paratransit trips and reminds you about upcoming trips and allows you to view and cancel scheduled rides without having to call a carrier.

TripCheck tools

In addition to the online version at and phone alerts, riders can now get those same reminders via text message or email.

  How do I get started?

To get started using the website, phone, email or text messages, visit and login to Pace’s TripCheck web portal. If you are not already enrolled in TripCheck, or you do not know your TripCheck ID, click “Retrieve TripCheck ID” to begin.

  How to use the website

Visit and log in. This portal allows you to see all upcoming and past trips, including a map of pickup and drop-off locations.

  How to use the phone line

Dial 1-833-USE-PACE (1-833-873-7223). You will be prompted to enter your TripCheck ID and then your password. The system will then offer you several choices:

  • Hear details of your upcoming trip
  • Cancel a trip
  • Change your password

Use the keypad to enter your choices and hear information about your account or your trip.

  How to use text messaging

The phone number you send the message to is 41411. Type “Tripcheck”, then your TripCheck ID, then a colon (:), then your password; then hit “send.” Do not include spaces before or after the colon.

Example: The system will then return a text message with your next upcoming trip.

Note: The first time you use this service, you will get a bounce-back message with a welcome and a data/rate disclaimer, followed by a message with your next upcoming trip info. 

  How to use email

Send an email to with the subject line being your TripCheck ID, then a colon, then your password. (Don’t include any spaces before or after the colon.) You do not need to enter any message in the body of the email. You will receive a return email from Pace TripCheck with any trips scheduled for today and tomorrow.             

  Don’t forget fixed route buses!

Riders registered with Pace Paratransit can ride Pace and CTA fixed bus routes and trains for free or a reduced fare. Visit to learn more.

All Pace and CTA buses are fully accessible, as are many CTA and Metra stations. Buses are equipped with ramps and wheelchair securements, and the bus can “kneel” to make stepping onto the bus easier.

Plus, fixed route buses operate on set schedules and feature real-time tracking giving you even more control over your time.

Taxi Access Program (Chicago only) 

As mentioned in our most recent blog, all RTA-certified ADA Paratransit riders are eligible for Pace’s Chicago Taxi Access Program (TAP). Remember, all trips must originate within the City of Chicago. The normal $3 fare cost is currently waived until further notice for safety-related purposes during the pandemic.

You can call 1-833-PACE-TAP (833-722-3827) to enroll. For more information, visit or call 800-606-1282 (option 4).

And remember… 

For everyone’s safety, please wear a face covering (if you are able) when using any form of public transportation. Be sure to follow all CDC guidelines, limit your travel to essential trips only and if you’re feeling sick, please stay home!

Thank you for doing your part to keep yourself and everyone safe!

Edward Madden is the Coordinator of Public Outreach for Pace Suburban Bus and one of JJ’s List’s Hop on the Bus to Independence presenters. Among his many communication responsibilities, Ed promotes the numerous transportation services that Pace offers in the 6-county Chicagoland region.



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