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Workshops Have Team Hopping

Posted by on September 15, 2017 - 2 Comments

Pace Suburban Bus Training Team, Ed and Bridget

Pace Suburban Bus and JJ’s List Training Teams have been busy with the Hop on the Bus to Independence Workshops throughout the Chicagoland area. Just this month the team has been to Lincolnshire, Orland Park, Elgin, Aurora and many locations in between!  And we’re not done yet! Requests for workshops keep coming in and keep the team hopping.

Hop Trainer Jenny Higgins


Why are we in so much demand? Because we provide a unique service to individuals with disabilities.  JJ’s List and Pace Suburban Bus work together to provide an interactive workshop that builds public transportation skills for individuals with disabilities.  The workshop combines classroom instruction with experiential learning on a real Pace bus.  Plus, it’s fun and convenient because we bring the workshop to you!



Want more information and help to know how to use public buses? Get free in-person training and guidance on how to take the public bus. Our Hop on the Bus to Independence Workshops are here for you.




David Thompson says:
Sep 18, 2017

This was definitely one of the first things I learned about (specifically the Pace Bus system and the routes I use to get from Glenview Illinois to Evanston) when I first started coming to JJ’s List.

While it is definitely helpful, one should not forget about some of the other mass transit options in the Chicago metropolitan area (Metra Rail as well as CTA buses and trains, and even the South Shore line if you are heading to Northwest Indiana).

One thing about Pace that I have noticed, not all routes will run on the weekend or holidays. That is something to be mindful of. The route that comes closest to my brother’s house in Glenview is an example of such a route (Pace 210).

That being said, Pace has been my option when I have been coming to No Boundaries in Evanston here in the last few months.

Matthew Lachapelle says:
Sep 26, 2017

Jenny is doing a great thing to help us how to ride the buss

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