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Tips On What To Do In a Car Accident, Part 2

Posted by on September 15, 2015 - 1 Comment

In part one of this series, we talked about what happens in the immediate aftermath of a vehicular accident and offered some tips on what everybody can do to ensure a safe environment for both individuals with disabilities and anybody else involved.

But what happens next?  If there is damage to your car then that often means you need a rental, right?  Sounds simple.  But it can be difficult for someone who uses a wheelchair.  Not all rental car companies have accessible vehicles available.  Also an accessible vehicle may look different for each person.  Maybe it’s a van with a lift.  Maybe it’s a car with hand controls and a spinner knob and no lift.  Or maybe it’s a van with a lift and hand controls.  So what should you know?

If you are an individual with disabilities:

  • Know what modifications you need if any
  • Know if you need a specific type of car to accommodate your wheelchair
  • Make sure you research the different companies to confirm that they offer the adaptations you need

If you are one of the businesses working with an individual with a disability to resolve the situation:

  • Ensure that your business space is accessible such as ensuring that there are enough accessible parking spots and that the rental cars that don’t need the accessible spots are not parked in the accessible spots
  • confirm that your building is physically accessible.
  • Continue to update your market research to ensure that your accessible vehicle availability matches the demand
  • Make sure that your website is always up to date

An accident is never a fun process for anybody involved but the good news is that we live in a society that’s created procedures to make it as easily resolvable as possible.  We continue to play a role in making those procedures even better over time.  These tips can get all of us closer to that goal.

Until we reach that goal of a perfect market, drive safely!

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Eric Chiu says:
Dec 21, 2017

There is good tip on what to do in a car accident part 2. If the car is damage you need the rental car right away. You can use the wheelchair or calling the accessible vehicle. The van and bus can lift your up the wheelchair in the back of the accessible vehicle. You need to know the modification if you need anything. You need to research different companies to confirm what adaptations you need. They need a specific type of car you need for to accommodate the wheelchair. The accident is not a funny process but it was a bad news. You need to continue for the play role for making the better procedure. Most of the rental car companies do have the accessible wheelchair.

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