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The Thought Process Of A Deaf Man Going To The Movies

Posted by on August 4, 2015 - 3 Comments

My wife and I have just moved to the suburbs and, predictably, we’re feeling verklempt about moving out of the city.  Besides needing to find new hobbies, we’re seeking out our local watering spots and movie theaters.

2000px-Closed_captioning_symbol.svgAs an individual who is profoundly deaf, going to a movie was something that I couldn’t do with any kind of regularity until about eight years ago when theaters began regularly offering captioning devices.  There are two primary types of devices, the cup-holder based Doremi CaptiView and the headgear Sony Subtitle Glasses.

I’ve used both dozens of times to varying levels of…let’s put it this way, it’s a 50/50 proposition as to whether or not it’ll work.  I can’t tell you how many nights have been frustratingly cut short with my wife and I walking out of the theater, bittersweetly holding free movie passes.  This applies to both devices and I’ve gotten into the habit of asking my wife to call ahead to request that the theater re-set their captions.

In recent months, though, the captions are getting noticeably more reliable.  However, I still need to take several things into consideration when choosing a movie or location.  If it’s a particularly visually appealing flick, I’ll want to watch it in 3D, which also requires a set of glasses.  Wearing 3D glasses on top of the Sony Subtitle glasses is not a pretty picture.  Have you ever tried wearing jeans on top of suit pants?  It’s kind of like that.

As a result, I’ll generally seek out theaters that use the Doremi CaptiView devices, which work well with 3D movies.  If not, I’ll be ok going wherever as long as I have antiseptic wipes for the glasses.  Not for me.  For everyone else who will wear these glasses after me.  I have a cold.


Jake says:
Aug 11, 2015

This is a great post. I’ve often wondered how exactly these devices for moviegoers with hearing impairments work.

matthew lachapelle says:
Aug 11, 2015

i know it will be hard to see a movie it will be wearing head phones when you see the movie.

Mohab Elboshy says:
Mar 09, 2019

This is a great post.

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