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The Many Options Of Pace

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Do you have trouble getting to where you need to go? You have a doctor’s appointment, job training or your weekly exercise class? Never worry about getting to where you need to be. Pace Suburban Bus is quick, convenient and consistent.

Fixed Route

8U9B1377The Pace fixed route bus service is easily accessible for individuals with disabilities. They received a perfect score in an enhanced review of Pace’s ADA Paratransit policies and operations. People with disabilities have equal access in their pursuit of personal, educational and professional ambitions with Pace helping along the way.

Pace’s accessible services include a fully accessible fixed route bus fleet equipped with:

  • “Kneeling” buses
  • Ramps
  • Designated priority seating
  • Wheelchair securement areas
  • Bus operator assistance
  • Automated audio and visual route identification
  • Stop announcements
  • Updates to bus shelters to become accessible
  • Training programs to learn your routes and how to ride the fixed route
  • Free or reduced fare for those eligible

ADA Paratransit Service

An alternative to the fixed route would be the paratransit service that Pace offers. It is a general term for “demand-response” service in which a passenger must reserve a ride in advance. Here are some facts that you may not have known about the paratransit service:

  • Paratransit makes only pre-arranged trips for eligible riders
  • Call at least 1 day prior to when you want the service
  • Available for customers whose circumstances prevents them from using Pace fixed route service
  • Available in the same areas as fixed route during Pace fixed route hours
  • Operates across the entire six-county region, including Chicago
  • More expensive than fixed route at $3.00 a trip

Hop on the bus! If you are looking for more information on either the fixed route or paratransit service, please visit for more information.

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