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Top Ten Recommendations for Optimizing Success in School

Oak Wealth Advisors‘ Educational Special Needs Advisory is out! Below is their list of Top Ten Recommendations for Optimizing Success in School:

1. Establish Relationships. Teachers, social workers, psychiatrists, and administrators will be part of your family’s lives for many years. Do whatever you can to…

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More Than A Job


October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and many of us focused our energy on expanding the recruitment and hiring of individuals with disabilities. However, we should acknowledge employment of people with disabilities as much more than a source of economic benefit.

Individuals with disabilities want…

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Networking Tips From Our Oak Wealth Advisors Meeting

Networking skills are essential for becoming a successful employee. We practiced networking skills at No Boundaries – Train for Work, Train for Life last week. We met Mike Walther, the owner of Oak Wealth Advisors and Randi Gillespie, Director of Special Needs Services.  Oak Wealth Advisors…

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