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Search staff: Angie, Coco, Jennifer, Carmen, Nichol, Aisha

By Tasha Grant, Director of Operations Support, Search Inc

On Friday, June 17th, Search Inc. hosted its annual Employee Appreciation Day (EAD) picnic at Linne Woods in Morton Grove. The picnic was an epic one! We had great weather, good food, games, and even karaoke. EAD is one of the best days of the year, where we are able to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the incredible team at Search.

Brian, Amanda & Tasha; Tasha, Melanie, Wanda

Monday: Crazy Hair/Socks Day

Tuesday: Tourist Tuesday

Search staff: Brian, Laslo, CEO Cory Gumm, Aurel, Nick

Wednesday: Hero Day

Thursday: Topsy Turvy Day

Friday: Search Spirit Day

Thank you to the entire Search team for a GREAT year! These past two years have been unprecedented but the Search team has shown time and again how strong, resilient, and immensely dedicated they are.

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