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Review Contest 2011

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Hey Disability Marketplace.  Put your mouth where your money is and tell businesses what you think of their disability-aware service this holiday season.  Through December 31st the reviewer who impresses the JJ’s List team of cool judges with the most and best reviews will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

How was your visit to a business today?  Was staff welcoming?  Was the place accessible?  Did they talk directly to you or your companion with a disability?  Did they provide assistance if you needed it?  Did they welcome your service animal?

Join with your friends and families by reviewing your favorite –and sometimes least favorite – businesses for disability awareness.  There are 23 different business categories ups for review, including stores, gyms, salons, travel and hotels, restaurants.  You name it, you can review it.  They need your business and they are paying attention.

Your review could win you a prize, and even if it doesn’t, it will still be the best and easiest way to start to get the attention of businesses for the things you want and need, including employment.  We notify businesses of every review posted.   Time is running out, so get started!



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