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The Art of Disability-Aware Customer Service

Posted by on January 20, 2017 - 0 Comments

The Art Institute of Chicago gets Trained


Disability-aware customer service and the Art Institute of Chicago are like paint and canvas when we think about accessible art museums.  The Grand Dame of Chicago cultural institutions may be a little maze-like in physical accessibility to get into the old building, but once we got inside, the Disability Awareness Players found an art museum that is excited to make every part of their patrons’ experience disability aware – from museum security to the folks in museum ticketing, to the staff of the museum shop and museum membership, the Disability Awareness Training got rave reviews.

This “makes a topic that a lot of businesses just don’t know about very approachable,” said one staff member from museum membership.  ”This program not only coaches someone how to interact with a person with a disability but drives home core customer service skills,”  added an employee from the museum shop.

Art Institute of Chicago audience members felt that all the concepts we presented were helpful, especially the customer service tips our “10 Tips for Great Customer Service to People with Disabilities Poster.”

Thank you to the Art Institute of Chicago for treating disability awareness like you would a work of art!



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