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Pet Grooming Business Hires People With Disabilities

Posted by on April 30, 2014 - 9 Comments
Love Fur Dogs
Opening May 2014 at the Hubbard Woods Plaza Shopping Center, Love Fur Dogs, is an exciting new business with a special heart to help people with disabilities. Love Fur Dogs is owned and operated by Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, International Certified Master Groomer, and her family, which includes a daughter with a disability who loves animals. Her daughter’s route through life inspired Jennifer to turn their love for animals into a way that her daughter and others like her can make a good living, while working in a field they love and find therapeutic.

All breed pet grooming is a skill that takes many months to learn, but there are no educational prerequisites and the national employment picture is wide open. Pet grooming is accessible to all as long as they are able to patiently and lovingly handle and work with dogs, or optionally and less frequently cats. The average money a groomer can earn is good, often well above minimum wage. Groomers make on the low end $18 an hour on average when they start working, but once they get their speed up and their skills down, good groomers can make upwards of $30/hour. Groomer Assistants are earning anywhere from minimum wage to $5 per dog for contract pay with the possibility of several dogs an hour. The best news of all, there are plenty of jobs nationally!

One well-documented benefit of working in animal care is that the human-dog bond can be a very therapeutic one. Both the physical contact with dogs and the emotional relationship that can develop with them are proven helpful to many people with different disabilities. Temple Grandin, for example, a famed animal business designer who happens to also be autistic, has become legendary for her innovative work with animals that was actually made possible by her differing abilities.

All prospective Bishop Grooming Academy students are encouraged to call 847-LUV-DOGS or visit Love Fur Dogs at 69 Green Bay Rd, Glencoe, IL 60022. Our website is or

This is first, last, and always, about the LOVE we have for dogs and that they have for us.

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About The Author

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins is the owner of Love Fur Dogs and the Train To Groom program at the Bishop Academy of Grooming, located in the Hubbard Woods Plaza Shopping Center on the Glencoe-Winnetka border in the Chicago North Shore suburbs. Jennifer was one of the first few dozen people in the nation’s history to earn the elite title of Certified Master Groomer. Jennifer began her career working with animals when she started breeding and showing German Shepherds in the 1980’s. Since then she has owned a grooming shop, taught at three vocational grooming schools, run a boarding kennel, and titled several breeds of dogs in both obedience and conformation. She also bred and owned Himalayan cats. Jennifer’s dedication to vocationally training a new generation of loving pet groomers has been inspired by her daughter’s disability that has turned her to a career with animals.  Jennifer is also a leading victims’ rights activist and the Director of Marsy’s Law for Illinois. Following the murder of her sister Nancy, her brother-in-law, and their unborn child in Winnetka in 1990 Jennifer became a respected and award-winning activist against violence and to help crime victims. Jennifer taught High School Social Studies for 25 years and is married to Bill Jenkins, an Associate Professor at Dominican University. They live in Northfield with their two college age daughters and their two Australian Shepherds. Jennifer can be reached at 312-882-4584 or  The Grooming Shop can be reached by calling 847-LUV-DOGS or at for the grooming shop, or for the vocational school.

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Vincent Donoghue says:
May 01, 2014

I am soooo excited for you. Wishing you much success with this new venture. We will get in touch soon.



Damon says:
May 03, 2014

Thank you for sharing this great article. Its good to gather information about pet care and best products for them when you love your pet. And no doubt i want to do the best for mine too. I liked your view point over Dog’s Grooming and how it is helping people with disabilities that you have shown above. Also i have seen a lot of the nicest collections at Bow Wow Boutique Store.

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Philister Sidigu says:
May 05, 2014

Thank you Damon. We agree, we love animals so pet care is important to us.

Kevin Krupa says:
May 12, 2014

Love Fur Dogs, I wish you success in your venture. It is a noble work that you do by providing opportunities to the differently abled people.

Grooming Guilderland says:
May 21, 2014

I am so Happy and i love pet so much.Thanks for sharing.congratulations

Dog Groomer Toronto says:
Jun 03, 2014

Its my pleasure to see your post here the idea you share is more useful for me. Thanks

time now says:
Dec 06, 2015

I am soooo excited for you. Wishing you much success with this new venture. We will get in touch soon.
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Abegail Stahr says:
Aug 01, 2017

I thought this article was very interesting and pet friendly also interesting that they mentioned about disability aware. I am a pet lover too. I have a small dog myself.

Gary Bates says:
Nov 08, 2019

Now this is a great initiative. Other service sectors also need to incorporate this thing. Anyways, pet grooming will bring this positive change.

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