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People With Disabilities Educate Teachers

Posted by on August 21, 2013 - 2 Comments

Chicago Public Schools Gets Advice From People With Disabilities

When Chicago Public Schools asked us to help them with a disability awareness training for their elementary and middle school staff, we jumped at the chance!  From our experience as the creators of the Disability Awareness Trainings for Businesses, we know that disability awareness is most natural and most successful if it starts early.

People with disabilities are coming into the mainstream and seeking full integration into the workplace and the community.  Their success depends partly upon communities being welcoming, respectful and flexible, that is, disability aware.  Today’s kids will someday be our community leaders and hiring managers, and they will be naturally disability aware if they get cues now from the adults in their lives. Teachers and staff can teach kids to be disability aware by modeling it themselves.

We worked with the fantastic production team at Karl Productions and with Kim Mercer, of the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services for CPS.   So, please, watch and hear the powerful words of advice shared by eight young adults with disabilities for school staff and teachers.  You have never seen anything like this, and you might even take something away from it yourself!

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Beth Wyman says:
Aug 26, 2013

What a fabulous video! Thank you so much to all her were involved in the creation. The importance of disability awareness with children and their peers is critical to the well functioning work environments of tomorrow.

Jake says:
Aug 26, 2013

This turned out very nice, and I love the violin music! My mom says great job too!

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