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Park Yourself On This Parklet

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Evanston ParkletI recently bought a bagel from Bagel Art and walked by the different boutiques on Dempster Street in Evanston, IL trying to figure out where to sit during my lunch break. My feet were tired but I was resisting the urge to go back inside because I wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. I had dreaded the winter and felt compelled to enjoy every bit of summer. I ended up parking myself on the stairs underneath the train tracks on Dempster and uncomfortably balancing the bagel on my lap.

That was three weeks ago, and I am happy to say a seat will be waiting for me at Evanston’s first parklet. Yes, it’s official. A parklet is coming to Evanston! Hewn owners Julie Matthei and Ellen King, the force behind the Evanston parklet, just wrapped up the Kickstarter campaign for Evanston’s first parklet on Dempster Street, raising over $1,000 above the $14,000 they budgeted towards the project.

What is a parklet?

A parklet reinvents a parking space by turning it into a green oasis for the community to enjoy. Usually there are seats, tables, bike parking and plants to make the space welcoming and attractive to the public.

What now?

Hewn owners, Julie Matthei and Ellen King, hope to have the parklet constructed and available to the public by early July. In the meantime you can stop by to see the parking space where the parklet will be constructed in front of Hewn.

I look forward to finding you parked on the Dempster parklet in the near future!

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Philister Sidigu

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