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Pace Gets You To Where You Need To Go

Posted by on August 27, 2015 - 2 Comments

For persons with disabilities, the thought of taking public transportation can be daunting and even scary.  In fact, almost 30 percent of persons with disabilities who do not leave their homes, choose not to leave because of fear or difficulties around taking public transportation.

Pace is here to help!  Getting to and from where you need to go can be easy, safe, and convenient with Pace Suburban Bus Fixed Routes.  Check out this video to hear about what riders love about the fixed-route service such as:PaceBus

  • Reduced Fares
  • Convenient Travel
  • Consistent Schedule
  • Worry-Free Commute
  • Physical Accessible Features


So, “Hop on the Bus” with Pace and get around your community – for work, for shopping, or for fun!

BenheadshotBenjamin Lachman is the Business and Community Engagement Coordinator for


matthew lachapelle says:
Sep 01, 2015

I do take the pace bus to work some times when i ale the buss. I take the 29o pace buss i do not like the pace buss.I am not trying not to be mean at all some times when people who take the buss they do not help a wheel car user at all. I am the only person on the buss who helps the diver to let that person to take the buss. Some times it is great to use the buss i see my co-workers from Walmart. it is great to see them outside from work.

Leah says:
Oct 07, 2015

No captioning for deaf or hard-of-hearing. I have a cochlear implant and the audio on most on-line videos is impossible to understand. The audio on this one is excellent, but I still miss about 1 word out of 10. Why no closed captioning?

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