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PAC Makes a Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities

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We recently sat down for a Q&A with Jackie Alfirevic, Production Coordinator at Search, Inc. to find out more about Planet Access Company!

Jimmy D

Q: What is PAC?

Jackie: Planet Access Company (PAC), a social enterprise of Search, Inc, is a third party logistics warehouse and vocational training center in Des Plaines. 

Q: What services does PAC offer?

Jackie: As a warehouse, we provide inventory management and business-to-business and business-to-consumer order fulfillment to prominent apparel brands and consumer goods companies.

As a Vocational Training Center, we provide work skills training, paid work opportunities, and community employment placement to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Q: Who are some of PAC’s business partners?

Michael S

Jackie: Some of our customers include Toad&Co, Campus Colors, Princess Awesome,the zen of slow cooking, The Way of Salvation, Chapin Coffee, and Done Deal Promotions.

Q: What is the benefit to businesses to working with PAC?

Jackie:  Companies that work with PAC get the “win-win” of getting an excellent service provider and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives.

As a training center our work crew is closely supervised and allows us to:

  •     Routinely check 100% of the work completed;
  •     Do jobs that require tight quality control;
  •     Complete a variety of specialty hand work that many warehouses are not able to provide;
  •     Do jobs that require repetitive tasks that can be time-consuming or produce bottlenecks for other businesses;
  •     Be flexible and responsive, and
  •     Change plans quickly if there is an unexpected supply chain glitch or a hot order priority.

Danielle S

Businesses receive excellent warehouse, kitting, and special handling services, while they provide people with disabilities a chance to earn a paycheck and develop their skills. They know that 100% of the profits from Planet Access Company are invested back into Search Inc. for the benefit of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Curtis M

Q: What type of work does PAC offer to individuals with disabilities?

Jackie: The work that we do consists mostly of packaging and assembly jobs.  We fold clothing, place it in bags, and attach labels or hang tags per our customer specifications.  We place small statues of St. Joseph into boxes, we assemble spice packets, product collections, and gift boxes, and we pick and pack orders.

Q: How does this work with people with disabilities?

Jackie: Search program staff support these individuals as they develop skills, earn money, and work toward achieving vocational goals. The staff at the PAC program train the employees on various jobs, organize the workflow, perform quality checks, and supervise other programmatic activities such as typing club, volunteer opportunities, and community access.

The program at PAC is part of Career Services at Search, which offers a pathway to

Christa D & James G

employment for individuals with disabilities.

Q: Who are the individuals who work at PAC?

Jackie: Many of the workers at PAC live in Search’s community homes, while some come from other agencies or live at home.

Q: Is PAC looking for other businesses to work with?

Jackie: Yes! Planet Access Company is always on the lookout for new customers to serve. When we have a variety of

Jackie Alfirevic, Production Coordinator, Search, Inc

jobs to complete, it keeps the work day fun and allows our workers to develop different skills.   

Does your business need help with packing, assembly, or kitting services? Planet Access Company would love to work with you! Contact Jackie for more details at 773-600-7240 or at


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