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No Boundaries Participants Knock It Out of the Park!

Posted by on May 31, 2016 - 2 Comments

Chris2We are proud to announce that two of our No Boundaries participants secured competitive employment in their fields of interest! Both individuals have been working diligently to build their skills during the spring No Boundaries session.

Our Evanston-based office is a bustling center of activity with No Boundaries,, and Search, Inc. programs always in action.  This real workspace provides participants with an authentic workplace environment where participants improve their skills in areas of communication, personal responsibility, professionalism and more!

For example, in order to prepare for his new job at Mariano’s, Chris has been practicing his bagging skills at No Boundaries. By timing himself, Chris has been able to increase the speed and efficiency with which he bags groceries. Chris pays close attention to the weight of each bag and has learned how to determine whether a double-bag is needed. Most importantly, Chris has been engaging in role play scenarios that involve greeting customers in a polite and professional way.



Josh, who recently started working at Essex Estate Services, Ltd. had the following answers to his trainer’s questions about his experience:


Laurie:  Where do you work?

Josh:  I work at Essex Estate Services, Ltd. in Skokie.


Laurie:  When did you start and how many shifts have you worked?

Josh:  I started last Tuesday and have worked 4 shifts so far.


Laurie:  What are your job responsibilities?

Josh:  I take pictures of the posters and only keep and upload the good pictures. I take measurements of the posters, get the description of the poster, find out who were the starring actors of the films, the year that the poster was made, and what type of poster it is: video cassette poster, CD poster, or movie poster. Then, I roll up the poster into the tube to get it ready to be sold.


Laurie:  What is easy about your job?

Josh:  Taking the pictures, measuring the posters, rolling up the posters, and typing in the descriptions of the posters are all easy for me.


Laurie:  What is hard about your job?

Josh:  Getting the picture just right for the poster is hard; I have to take several shots just to get the right angle for the picture to make able to be cropped down in Microsoft Paint. Also, having to move the poster around when the poster is not pictured straight, or when the camera is not positioned at the right angle, is hard.



We are incredibly impressed with the progress that Chris, Josh, and all of our participants have made during the spring No Boundaries session. Each participant has worked very hard to improve the skills needed for them to be successful in the workplace, independent in their daily lives, and more active members of their communities. We are looking forward to celebrating even more successes during the first of four Summer Sessions.  That session runs from June 13 to July 1.


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Christopher Wiatr says:
Jun 01, 2016

I work at Mariano’s on Elston. I started on wed May 25th. Today May 31st is my second day. I still in training when I ready to work on the check out line. I have to listen to the question on the computer. I take a break room at Mariano’s to take a tutor to look at the restroom. After the break I come back to computer and chick on the person in Mariano’s.

Jake says:
Jun 03, 2016

Way to go Josh and Chris. I’m so glad you enjoy your new jobs.

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