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New Year, New Goals

Posted by on January 31, 2023 - 0 Comments

To kick off the New Year, we asked individuals at Search a few questions related to goals and bucket list items. Read their responses below.


What are some of your goals this year?

Pam: Learn Japanese words and get a full time job

Christa: Learn to type on the computer and do crosswords

Danielle: Be a better person and keep anxiety down

Jacob: Make more friends

Jennifer: Get a job and exercise

Peggy: Reading and typing

Linda: Exercising

Room 3: Believing in ourselves and finding job placements in the community

Sam: Lose weight before my sister’s wedding by dancing, walking around, exercising and eating healthy… but you get one day to treat yourself!

Lorne: Get out more and see live sports games


What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

Pam: To eat healthier

Curtis: To eat out more

Ken: Getting a laptop

Linda: Going shopping

Room 3: Going on vacation

Billy Jo: Spending more time with family

Kristina: Date nights and shopping

Henry: Creating new art work


What self-care activity do you hope to do for yourself?

Jacob: Traveling

Alison: Working on computer skills and listening to my favorite music

Edwin: Listening to music

Eric: Playing cards

Linda: Going to the Dollar Store

Room 3: Exercise

Lynette: Games

Kristina: Learn to cook with staff


Do you have any bucket list plans?

Pam: Get an ear piercing

Christa: I want to travel

Danielle: Travel and spending more time with family

Jenny: Eating at nice restaurants

Room 3: Getting a job in the community

Abby: Vacation to Universal Studios

Henry: Go to Mississippi


If money was no object, what is your dream vacation?

Pam: Japanese garden in Japan

Christa: I want to go to Florida with my mom

Danielle: Florida

Edwin: Florida

Peter: Germany

Jack: New York City

Jenny: I want to go to Japan and other places in Europe

Linda: Disney World

Peggy: I want to go see my cousins in Ireland

Room 3: Palm Beach, Paris, Sicily and Pakistan

Lynette: Florida

Henry: Las Vegas

Sam: Athens, Greece so I can learn about ancient history

Lorne: Hawaii because it’s beautiful and warm and Las Vegas so I can gamble on Blackjack

Val: Los Angles so I can meet my favorite actor, Randy Mantooth

Vanessa: Arkansas so I can see where my grandmother grew up

Anthony: I want to go back to California because it’s nice and warm there

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