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New Employment Tool for People With Disabilities

Posted by on May 9, 2017 - 15 Comments

Here at, we champion the inclusion of people with disabilities as customers and as employees, and we believe in standing up for your rights when you have a disability.  Luckily, Equip for Equality has set up a new Employment Rights Helpline. The goal of the Helpline is to help employees and potential hires who have disabilities with issues they may have, including such things as:

  • Understanding the job application process
  • Disclosing a disability to an employer or potential employer
  • Confidentiality protections
  • Requesting reasonable accommodations

“The Helpline is an important new tool to promote equal opportunity and combat discrimination,” says Barry Taylor, Vice President for Civil Rights and Systemic Litigation for Equip for Equality.  The Helpline will provide assistance for people who have had negative experiences in the workplace related to their disability, such as denial of jobs, termination, or demotions. The Helpline staff will also be able to provide legal advice and assistance with self-advocacy for all of these issues. “We think the Helpline will be a successful and useful tool for people with disabilities because it will be a way for them to talk one-on-one with an attorney experienced in disability employment law and get practical and useful advice on addressing any disability-related issues that arise in the workplace,” Taylor says.

The Helpline, like, will also help businesses connect with people with disabilities as employees.  Employers can call requesting a better understanding of what is required of them through the ADA and other civil rights laws. Taylor states, “While Equip for Equality’s legal representation is limited to people with disabilities, we can certainly provide employers with information about legal rights and responsibilities. By providing legal rights information, we believe businesses will be better educated and supportive of not only their employees with disabilities, but also their customers with disabilities, as many of these issues overlap.”

Taylor and his co-workers hope the Helpline will also improve relationships between employers and people with disabilities as well. It will provide employers with information on legal rights and responsibilities, which will better educate businesses and allow them to be more supportive of both their employees and customers with disabilities. Says Taylor,  “At Equip for Equality, we believe that people with disabilities can often resolve many legal advocacy issues that arise in the workplace if they know their legal rights and are provided with some self-advocacy assistance.”

By self-advocating, people with disabilities can help promote equality and build better relationships between themselves and the businesses and organizations for which they work.


Matthew Lachapelle says:
May 23, 2017

I read this well done

John Doetsch says:
May 23, 2017

i think people with disability should speak up for themslef

Matthew Lachapelle says:
May 30, 2017

I thais is great that lot of people who have jobs and working hard

Lea says:
Jul 14, 2017

Does a company have to follow ADA regulations for resonable accomidations for job restrictions if an employee has a disability like epilepsy?

JJ Hanley says:
Jul 15, 2017

Yes, Lea. Companies must follow ADA guidelines in providing reasonable accommodations. Thanks for asking!

Tan Swan says:
Jul 24, 2017

How do I feel out a application to pursue employment while on disability if it is asking for my current employer?

Beth says:
Aug 01, 2017

Is there help in existence that can assist people with limitations to gain employment but who HAVE NOT been declared disabled by any doctor or agency?

Edward Astacio says:
Aug 03, 2017

I’m looking new Job for clean seat aircraft
But deaf can work for aircraft cleaning seats in airport?

Sandra Green says:
Aug 07, 2017

My work slashed my hours to six for a week cuz they think I will hurt someone during seizure. I can’t pay my rent on six hours weekly.

Joshua sarver says:
Aug 27, 2017

I am disabled and I am working weekends only and seems like when my medical problems act up like it is today, I’m having muscle spasms, pain all thro my left leg I can barely walk… and when I asked my boss to leave early he says that I need to stay and do my job no matter if I am in pain or not… I do not think it fair for this to happen… I do my job even when I am going thro pain, but today is making me want to pass out from the pain, my knee buckles and everything… it’s like this with every job I had I give them 6 months of work without showing pain and when I do show it and can barely walk I get told oh well u need to do ur job… how can they get away with this

Allison says:
Dec 03, 2017

If I feel my employer is bringing up a disability and questions with no reason, is that legal for her to say things like “Can you do your job with your knees”, ” is there a problem wiith walking?”
I asked for a handicapped parking area with my hangtag, and it was accomodated, then not accomodated and then accomodated again.
Also, the qeustions abou tmy knees do bother me.
What is a way to handel this?

constance johnson says:
Dec 05, 2017

I would lime to know if a person receives disability is he/she allowed to work? If so what is the most they can make.

Joan says:
Feb 12, 2019

Is it legal to cancel someone’s health insurance benefits if they didn’t do a health screening

Carol Anne Yenshaw says:
May 26, 2019

I am having a hard time finding a job in El Paso, Tx. I have bipolar, ADHD and dyslexia. I’m 54 and have been out of work since August, 2013. Can you help?

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Jan 15, 2021

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