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My Experience at No Boundaries – By Melissa

Posted by on August 12, 2015 - 1 Comment

When I first got to No Boundaries I thought it was like a store or something with people who are my age.  The co-workers I work with are nice.  When I started working here the first time I was nervous because this was my first job.

When I started working here it has been good and nice over here at No Boundaries.  My favorite part of working here is typing and doing my art-work for the art show which was so interesting.  It was interesting because at this workplace we are doing art for a neighborhood charity event and we will have a art show at No Boundaries on September 17th, 2015.  MelissaOjedaNB

The skills I was looking forward to building include organization and other kinds like sales.  I  improved that at No boundaries and now I am better at typing and going to my email.  So pretty much I know about my skills working here at No Boundaries.  I will still use my skills when I need to type something on the computer and go to my email.  I will also use my skills on my papers that are saved on the computer now that I am better at using computers.

To know how to type well and have other computer skills is important when we are asked to use a computer.   For example, I will be working on my resume at my summer program and checking my email to see what my co-worker or my boss sends me to do.

My dream job that I want to work at is Sears because I want to work with clothing and to be good at sales.  I am glad No Boundaries is helping me build my skills.

Melissa Ojeda was a participant of a No Boundaries Session in Evanston during the Summer of 2015 and is an intern from the One Summer Chicago program at the Chicago Public School system.

One Summer Chicago brings together government institutions, community-based organizations and companies to offer over 24,000 employment and internship opportunities to youth and young adults ages 14 to 24.

1 Comment

matthew lachapelle says:
Aug 18, 2015

It was good to meet you it was a great to know you when you were here. You did lots of work here also you were on TV also

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