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Motivation is Magic

Posted by on February 19, 2015 - 8 Comments

banner NIcole Motivation is the key to a successful job search. So what does that mean for your young adult with a disability? For starters, if he or she is not motivated to work, it’s going to be a long and tough road to get to a first paycheck and to being a productive member of the community. Many young adults with disabilities have experienced years of low expectations and coddling in which everything has been done for them. The end result is an unmotivated adulthood in which they struggle to achieve independence through employment. So how to motivate that young adult in the job search? Here are a few ideas:

Be the Example If your young adult sees you setting and reaching professional goals, he will be more likely to follow your lead. Talk to him about your achievements at work, what you currently struggle with or how you’ve handled a work challenge.  Seeing that you get up each day and do your work may be the example that he needs to get started.

No More Easy Money Young adults need money. Period. If you give it to him, he will never need to work for it. His desire for that new gadget or restaurant meal could be the incentive he needs to motivate himself to search for a job.  Perhaps you can make that money as an incentive for reaching a goal in the search. For example, if he submits a certain number of applications, or finishes a draft of his resume, he receives a small monetary payment. These little successes, tied to money, may help him see the purpose of the process.

Find an Employment Specialist Employment Specialists can help! Search’s employment team is ready to help your adult child along every step of the way to a successful job. We start by assessing an individual’s skills and interests. We then work together to locate a qualifying job and assist with the application and interview process. Once hired, we provide on-the-job coaching to ensure the job is a success by helping your child build the confidence to do the job independently. All you need to qualify for our services is the motivation to work! Click here to learn more about Search’s employment services!

About the Author:

Nicole Heimdal is an experienced Employment Manager who, alongside her team of Employment Specialists and Trainers, aids individuals with developmental disabilities in bettering themselves as they strive to obtain independence through full-time work. If you have a disability-aware topic you’d like Nicole to write about in the future, email your suggestion to:


matthew lachapelle says:
Mar 03, 2015

I love what i read good job any way i know i have a job coaches i have two one person i had her name is Erin. She is a big part of Walmart to help me. Now i have a new coach now Lena, she took part of my other job coach. I am learning so much right now.

Reginald Bailey says:
Mar 05, 2015

i love this it shows that you are doing your part as a person. Even with whats going on it shows how strong and well placed the people are in the world .

Jeremy says:
Mar 12, 2015

i like the way that you are helping kids with disabilities and also i like the way that you are doing in this community

Jennifer says:
Mar 12, 2015

The reading about motivation to work and finding job.reaching professional goals. I like a job to get money.I work at the cafe in the morning.

Kristina says:
Mar 12, 2015

THE reading tells you about motvation to find a jod it tell you about your goals and life they be how u feel about it they be talk about money how u can process they be worked toghther as a team they be helped you with a application tell you about their jods what they do and life

Xavier Esparza says:
Mar 12, 2015

I like this article because they had an expierience
for the motivated starters sees you setting and reaching goals they want to get money so they want to find a job it was talking about the job expierience

Robert says:
Mar 12, 2015

i learn that in this story it Motivation me to find a job and work towards your first paycheck and also work hard be focus at your job.

Matt says:
Mar 12, 2015

The article was interesting and helpful to me. The reason why it was interesting and helpful is because it’s helping finding a job and how to get a job.

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