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Money Matters: Bank Opens Doors to People With Disabilities

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North Shore Community Bank Welcomes No Boundaries

On Monday, our No Boundaries participants got a chance to visit the North Shore Community Bank branch in Skokie, Illinois. We’ve been discussing finances this session and this was a good opportunity to see how a bank works behind the scenes. While most of us won’t (unless we happen to work for a bank) get to see this, it was a fantastic trip.

No Boundaries participants Connor, Matthew and Alex visited the branch. Branch president Ross Mattie was there to greet them. They really liked how friendly Mr. Mattie was. We know him from his previous visit to our space on Dempster Street in Evanston when he shared some financial knowledge with us.

One of the things our participants really seemed to like was getting to see behind the Tellers’ counter. The tellers were young, friendly and happy to work at the bank. In fact, it seemed the same for most of the bank employees, as well. The bank was clean and sanitary, and seemed like a good place to work.

The bank itself is disability-aware, the building is wheelchair accessible, the layout is easy and it’s very efficient. They certainly run a tight ship. You can expect that when looking in the vault, they take a lot of security measures to make sure the vault is nice and secure.

So what kinds of people work there? Well, for starters, the work requires a lot of communication skills. The tellers were very friendly and accomodating to our participants. There’s a lot of detail that goes into this kind of work, especially when handling someone else’s finances. We cannot stress that enough. You also need to be rational, respectful, self-controlling and sensible. Plus, you have to like having a routine. If you think you can work for a bank and have all these skills, go ahead.

We cannot thank the nice folks at North Shore Community Bank enough. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot during the informational tour. Our No Boundaries Participants enjoyed their visit and we look forward to working with NSCB in the future!

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