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“Missing You Always”

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Adrian is a No Boundaries participant who often writes the blog series “Ask Adrian Anything”  for JJ’s List.  In lieu of sharing his experiences of living and working independently in the community this month, Adrian has offered to share one of the lovely poems he has written during Covid-19.  We hope you will find reassurance that you are not alone in missing your loved ones during this crazy time when you read this poem.  

“Missing You Always”

By Adrian Drower

Since the virus- we feel trapped,
Our lives have to be on hold.
We have not seen family,
friends or co- workers as well.

Adrian writing

To the people in our lives,
We are Missing You Always.
We want this to be over,
We want our lives back on track.

I wish this virus was over,
I wish I had my life back.
To my extended family,
I am Missing You Always.

To cousins of all; family,
Friends and co- workers of many.
I hope to see you all someday soon.
Until then, I’m Missing You Always.




You can find more of Adrian’s poetry at

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