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Mental Health Awareness and Today’s Perspective

Posted by on May 31, 2023 - 0 Comments

By Beth Ann Kimura and Angela Reynolds

If it feels like there are days you are always talking about mental health with your close ones, it is most likely you are not the only one. The conversation of mental health and self-care have been at the forefront for individuals, communities, and the federal government. The stigma of mental health has diminished and the importance of it has grown. It is no longer taboo to talk about what we are experiencing within our own heads. As a society, we have made it clear that the creation of safe environments and specific resources can be used to address mental health crises our loved ones and neighbors go through.

Mental health is an integral part of our overall health, as it directly impacts our social and physical health. Anytime we are physically ill, we tend to experience lows in emotion and motivation. The opposite also holds true. When we are experiencing difficulty with our mental health, it can be even more difficult to eat healthy or listen to what our physical body needs. This is one of many reasons why mental health has become and needs to be a central topic in our lives.

So, how do you improve your mental health? Here are some quick tips and idea

  • Eat a balanced meal!
  • Go for a walk outside!
  • Get a good night’s rest!
  • Talk to a friend!
  • Take 2 minutes to take some deep breaths!
  • Take 5 minutes to stretch!

Improving your mental health does not need to be complicated or elaborate. Taking one step can lead to another and another! Go out and do something nice for your mental health!

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