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Meet Sarah Armour, Community Education Assistant!

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Meet Sarah Armour! Sarah has been an anchor in on our JJ’s List team for over 10 years in her position as the JJ’s List Business Assistant. She is also a Disability Awareness Player, providing training on disability awareness to businesses and other organizations. We are excited to announce that Sarah has taken on a new role at Search. As of September 1st, Sarah is our new Community Education Assistant. In her new position, she will be supporting Visibility Arts, JJ’s List, and all community education initiatives at Search.

We are excited for Sarah as she undertakes her new role at Search. In honor of the occasion we sat down with Sarah to talk about her time at Search and her new position.

Read more about Sarah’s career path and interests:

  1. How long have you been at Search/JJ’s List? Tell us about your career path here at Search.

Sarah: I started at JJ’s List in Oct 2010. I began volunteering for JJ’s List for about 6 months while looking for a job. I volunteered to help with the website. JJ’s List merged with Search Inc. in 2013 and I’ve been the Office Assistant and Business Assistant. Now I am the Community Education Assistant.

  1. Tell us a bit more about Disability Awareness Trainings and Hop on the Bus Trainings – What has been one of your favorite moments and/or places to train?

Sarah: Our Disability Awareness Trainings are really unique because we have 6 individuals who all have a range of disabilities and we are the one training professionals, teachers and kids. It’s based on first-hand knowledge and first-hand experience, which I think is really key to why the trainings are so important and useful.

Hop on the Bus Workshops are really valuable because it lets students know that they can get around even if they cannot drive and that they have the power to be independent. I substitute for our colleague, Bridget, sometimes and we really have two portions of the training. One is a classroom portion (trip planning and understanding public transportation) and a bus portion (which is now facilitated with a PowerPoint due to COVID-19).

I love the individual questions when the kids ask. When I ask them a question, they are always eager to reply because they can show off their knowledge to their classmates.

  1. What are you excited for in your new position?

Sarah: I am really excited to work with other Search staff and participants, and get to know the larger agency better. I am also very excited about learning new skills, such as bookkeeping. I am just excited to explore and make new connections with everyone.

  1. What is a piece of advice that you would share with others?

Sarah: No matter how bleak it looks, believe in yourself and always trust your gut. Always realize that everyone is their own worst critic, so you have to have the same compassion for yourself as you would for others.

  1. Tell us about yourself! What are some of your hobbies? What brings you small joys?

Sarah: I have lived in Evanston for 12 years, originally I’m from Kenilworth, IL. I went to Loras College and graduated with a Bachelors Degree of the Arts in Sociology. I really enjoy watching True Crime documentaries. I’m in a book club, and my favorite book genre is fiction.

A sunny day brings me small joys.


Congratulations to Sarah! We look forward to seeing you grow as you continue your professional journey here at Search!

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