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March Is Our Month: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Posted by on March 21, 2014 - 4 Comments

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities MonthMarch is Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  (I/DD) Month, and The Arc is promoting it all across the United States.  On Saturday, March 29, 2014, The Arc is asking people with disabilities, their friends and family to go out in the community and do activities that people enjoy doing while promoting disability awareness.  The purpose of that day is to break down social barriers and for the community to realize people with disabilities are just people with abilities and skills.  The Arc states, “Year round, The Arc works to promote and protect the rights of people with I/DD to live, lean, work and play as valued and contributing members of their communities.”  People with disabilities and their friends and family should go see a movie, go out for a meal or workout at the gym, the goal being community integration.

Even if we don’t talk to people in the community people will notice people with disabilities out into the community. Spread the word to your community. Let people know that individuals with disabilities can do things that everyone can do and that we are in the community.

Please join us in the movement and go out in the community, spread the word and help our society realize that people with disabilities are people first and we just happen to have a disability. Also feel free to post reviews about the businesses you visit and tell us how disability-aware they are on

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About the Author:

Sarah Armour is the Business Assistant at  She enjoys managing the website, bookkeeping, coordinating the Disability-Awareness Trainings and organizing the Hop on the Bus to Independence Program. She graduated from Loras College in Dubuque, IA, in 2008 with a BA in Sociology. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Debbie says:
Mar 22, 2014

Sarah, thanks for this great post. I didn’t know about Disabilities Month or The Arc’s campaign to get people out into the community next weekend. Organizations like JJ’s List are doing such trail-blazing work to help ensure that people with disabilities have access to and are welcome in all our communities. Please keep it up, and please keep blogging about it! Thanks!

Jake says:
Mar 28, 2014

This is a great post. I think my involvement in Best Buddies Illinois has been very beneficial in this respect, as well as a lot of fun for me. Currently, I am awaiting a match with a third Buddy. However, the Buddy I just had still wants to remain friends even though his schedule doesn’t allow for participation in the actual program. I want to remain friends with him, and with my first Buddy. I still talk on the phone from time to time with Nathan, my first Buddy. I also recently received a nice email from Bill, who took Nathan’s place when Nathan moved out of state. In addition my eBuddies application is currently pending. That is the online program of Best Buddies.

Public Schools says:
Apr 01, 2014

I am a current employee with the public school system and I actually got my employment start with the P.A.C.E. program of National Louis University. I must say reputation is the true and only real determining factor in who is a revolutionary trailblazer and who is a Dishonest Liar ! The mission of this organization is very meaningful and the work is much needed, still it does not even approach the requirements to be described as trailblazing. The best definition of a Trailblazer I ever met was a former P.A.C.E. student who had entered the program in 2002 and graduated it in 2004. He has prove his whole life to be a true trailblazer when one is needed even if it comes at his own detriment. Miss Hanley will never be able to escape the reputation of her true character as a Dishonest, Corrupt, Cruel, and Malicious human being.

Gracie says:
Apr 07, 2014

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