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JJ Hanley Earns Award For Advocacy Leadership

Posted by on April 5, 2013 - 4 Comments
JJ Hanley picture with text reading "Congratulations JJ"

Team JJ's List is so proud of you!

We’ve always known our fearless leader JJ Hanley to be an all-round awesome human being, but we love it when other people prove us right. 😉

JJ will be honored as the Advocacy Leadership Award Recipient at this year’s Orchard Village Blossom Gala. Orchard Village will be celebrating 41 years of providing person-centered services to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Gala Details
Date: Saturday, Apr 20th, 2013
Time: 6pm – midnight
Venue: InterContinental Chicago-O’Hare (map)
Questions? Erika Vavrik – (847) 967-1800

Come out and celebrate with us over cocktails, auctions and dinner. Maybe you’ll even get to boogie with JJ on the dance floor. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards supporting individuals with disabilities at Orchard Village. Find out more and get your tickets at:


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Jake Joehl says:
Apr 05, 2013

Congrats to you JJ and the awesome work you’ve done! From the other JJ.

Catherine Brandell says:
Apr 05, 2013

You are an inspiration JJ Hanley and Team! Thank you Orchard Village for recognizing a truly amazing group of talented individuals!

B. O. says:
Apr 22, 2013

The purpose of JJ’s List is to evaluate a business on how Disability Aware they are. As someone with a disability I would like to evaluate JJ’s List from this same perspective.

I am a former Volunteer of JJ’s List; I started in summer of 2011 before the company had really taken off the ground. I spared what time I could as volunteer and updated computers, tried to learn the site etc.

JJ Hanley always maintained that we were all full time volunteers and that none of us were receiving pay in any form. For a longtime I was suspicious that this was untrue but I did not let this affect my focus while I volunteered or outside the business for that matter. I eventually had my suspicion of dishonesty on the part of Miss Hanley confirmed in the spring of 2012. One of my fellow volunteers admitted to me while on a bowling trip that she had been on the payroll since summer 2011. I did not get upset at her I congratulated her on earning a job as she started to tell me how Miss Hanley had told her to keep this information secret. I was quite upset, not because I did not get paid but because I felt I had been lied to repeatedly and in a way taken advantage of by JJ Hanley.

Although I had not been to JJ’s List for some time due to the fact I had been searching for a paid position and obtained a job elsewhere I still felt I needed to say something about what I had learned. I requested an exit interview with Miss Hanley to which she said “You have not been here in quite a while I don’t think an exit interview is needed”. I told her that there were some thoughts I needed to convey and they were better said in person and not over the phone. I was then told by Miss Hanley to “Just Try” and in a way I felt rushed and under pressure. I did my best; I told her “When I go to a work place I have an understanding of who is a volunteer and who is a paid employee. This does not affect how I do my job and this information should not be kept secret”.

Miss Hanley got very angry at me and asked questions as if Money was all that mattered to me and I was asking to be paid. I told her “That is not it at all; I felt you needed this feedback and I care about the business and want it to grow”. Miss Hanley continued to get enraged at me till I had to hang up the phone. Since then I have heard they are handling things a little different at JJ’s List everyone now knows who is an intern or volunteer, paid employee etc. The only problem I still have is that JJ Hanley has never taken responsibility for the way she treated me. Not only this but I am always looked upon in a strange light and almost never recognized as a former volunteer. Even my friend, who still works for the company in quite a big role, will get all concerned and anxious with me every time the website gets brought up by anyone around us.

I tried to write a letter to Miss Hanley explaining that not only had she hurt me but she was affecting friendships as well and all I was seeking was for her to take ownership of what she had done. I do not like the feeling I get when I see JJ’s List now and I wish that could change. I want to be supportive of the cause and happy for my friend. I regret to say Miss Hanley ignored this letter and continues to act in the same manner as my friend around the topic of the company and its website or events.

So any time you choose to support JJ’s List in any way, please be advised that while it continues to be a very moral cause (one that I definitely think is worthy). I feel JJ Hanley herself has her morals misguided and is probably doing this for the wrong reasons while losing sight of the bigger picture at hand.

Dr Rob says:
May 13, 2013

Hi JJ Please listen this Wednesday on WEI INTERNET RADIO to here me Dr Rob interview and exciting lady to talk about a new city center with over sixty thousand square feet of space for the disabled please call in at 561-791-6375 or call me at 561=676-2075 All the best Rob

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