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How to Use a Pace Bus

Posted by on January 20, 2017 - 3 Comments

Plan your route. Travel your route.  Take charge of your life!

Pace Bus fixed route buses give you independence, safety and convenience to get to where you want to go:  your job, shopping, movies, restaurants, doctor appointments, meeting friends…you name it! These videos will guide you step-by-step.

Find bus service to your destination using an on-line trip planner

In Part 1, Bridget learns to plan her trip before she takes her trip.  It’s a good idea to use an on-line trip planner to research information such as which Pace bus routes to take, to read a bus timetable, to find out the bus fare and where the stops are. You’ll even be able to see a map of your bus route.


Right place, right time for public buses

In this video, Bridget learns how to know if she is at the right bus stop and how to use the bus phone number to get help with her bus ride.  Tim reminds Bridget to flag the bus to let the driver know to stop.


Stay safe on the public bus route

In Part 3, Tim guides Bridget with tips on staying safe on public transportation.  She learns what to do if she feels uncomfortable and how to let the driver know when her bus stop is coming up.


Getting off of the Pace Bus & and what to do if you get lost

In Part 4, Bridget gets lost.  With Tim’s help, she calls the RTA travel information phone number (312)-836-7000 to get help. Watch the video to find out how it ends!


Want more information and help to know how to use public buses?  Get free in-person training and guidance on how to take the public bus. Our Hop on the Bus to Independence Workshops are here for you.


Cleatus Murdaugh says:
Apr 10, 2017

Where is the nearest location that I can go to and fill out an application?

Eric Chiu says:
Jul 20, 2017

I started using the Pace Bus since I was in college years. I took the Pace Bus going to Vernon Area Library, Aspen Library and Lake View Fitness Center. I learn how to pay the money inside the Pace Bus and knowing the bus stop time and picking up. I feel comfortable by yourself.

Brad Bradford says:
Aug 06, 2017

Which Highland Park bus from 891 Central Ave. to 1635 Lake Cook Road?

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