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Home Ownership Could Be Easier Than You Think

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The City of Evanston is taking steps to make home ownership easier for moderate income families through the LiveEvanston program.

The city’s NSP2 program, marketed as LiveEvanston, is a great opportunity for families who think homeownership in Evanston is out of their reach, or for people who work in Evanston and want to live closer to their work. “LiveEvanston makes high-quality Evanston homes truly affordable,” said Mayor Tisdahl who commends LiveEvanston on working with local employers to inform their employees about the program.

Eligibility is based on an income scale, and is not limited to first-time homebuyers. For people with disabilities, you may even find some great, accessible options opening up in the near future. Here’s an example of a fully-accessible home that’s available soon:

images of interior and exterior of accessible home property at 2020 Brown in Evanston

This three bedroom/two bath single family house is located at 2020 Brown and is fully accessible new construction. It includes two wheelchair accessible exits and accessible kitchen design. Fabulous kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, open floor plan, dark hardwood floors. More info at

See the website for guidelines. What challenges have you faced when thinking about home ownership for individuals with disabilities? Share your thoughts below.

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