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Posted by on September 7, 2017 - 18 Comments

Tricia Luzadder, Ventures Program Manager

I am very happy to be writing you from JJ’s List and Search! My name is Tricia Luzadder and I am the new Ventures Programs Manager at Search’s Evanston site. While I am new in this role, I am not entirely new to Search. I previously worked as a No Boundaries mentor and then as the No Boundaries trainer under the guidance of JJ Hanley. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to pick up where she left off, advancing a mix of truly innovative advocacy, training and direct support initiatives, including all of the important activities of JJ’s List. I am excited and look forward to the challenges of taking on a bigger role at Search and to providing new leadership to programs and social enterprises that offer essential training, self-advocacy opportunities and support for people with disabilities.
My passion and focus is helping individuals with disabilities reach their full potential, participate in the communities in which they live and have their voices heard. Since the birth of my daughter over 16 years ago, I have worked as an advocate for individuals with disabilities in several volunteer and professional capacities. I began at the National Association for Down syndrome before taking on a full time position with Chicago Public Schools as the Parent Advocate in the Office of Diverse Learners Supports + Services. All of this work taught me to work collaboratively with colleagues and advocates towards a common goal, and to be compassionate and understanding with individuals with disabilities and their families. These experiences also illustrated to me the need to educate others about the abilities and positive impact of inclusion of individuals like my daughter. It was after this experience that I ended up at Search.
I am thrilled to be back here, and have received a heart-warming and touching welcome back from those I know. I look forward to carrying on this important work and to advocating for people with disabilities through JJ’s List and No Boundaries! I hope to have the opportunity to connect with you through this work!


Jake says:
Sep 08, 2017

Hi Tricia and welcome aboard again. Great to have you in this role.

David Thompson says:
Sep 11, 2017


From the sounds of things (at least my impression of them based on reading your post), maybe your official TV theme music when you are here at Search Inc. should be Welcome Back Kotter.

After all, you did seem to suggest you were here before. Sort of like Mr. Kotter was when it came to that high school he was teaching at.

Best of luck,

Dave Thompson

John says:
Sep 11, 2017

Welcome can’t wait to meet you=

JJ Hanley says:
Sep 11, 2017

Congratulations to Search, and No Boundaries and naming Tricia as Ventures Program Manager. Tricia is an amazing advocate and a dedicated professional and will do great things for and with participants with disabilities.

Nancy says:
Sep 11, 2017

Hi Tricia. Congratulations! This is very exciting news. You will be a valuable asset to the program and those that you serve.
Nancy Wilson

Michelle Schwartz says:
Sep 11, 2017

Congratulations, Tricia!

Having crossed paths through Building Bridges to the Future, at UCP Seguin, You are well suited in your new role. Look forward to our paths crossing, again !

All the best!
Michelle Schwartz

Jerry Anderson says:
Sep 11, 2017

Hi Tricia,

Can you let me know what the New Ventures Program is focused on right now. We are in the fire & life-safety industry and have met a few of your great folks in Chicago, but have lost touch and want to stay abreast about how we might work with you folks to assist people with hearing loss, people with visual impairments and partially sighted people, among many others that might benefit from our ware’s efficacy in smoke and fire.
thanks much, and, congratulations on the new position!
-Jerry Anderson, Founder & CEO

Cindy Montgomery says:
Sep 11, 2017

Hi Tricia!

We’d love to partner with JJ’s list. Let’s talk when you’re settled. Congratulations!

Warm Regards,
Cindy Montgomery

Brian Rohde says:
Sep 11, 2017

Welcome back Tricia! Glad to have you back! It was nice seeing you on Thursday!

Sharon Purdy says:
Sep 12, 2017

Great news! Welcome back, Tricia. I look forward to working with you again.


Matthew Lachapelle says:
Sep 12, 2017

i am so glad to her back

Abegail Stahr says:
Sep 12, 2017

WELCOME BACK TRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best business woman I ever met and I am very glad that you decided to stick with us. I want to congratulate you, in becoming a manager of and No Boundaries program.

Matt Gulbransen says:
Sep 14, 2017

We are glad that you are here and working with us at No Boundaries. We are glad you are here when we need you.

Matt Gulbransen

Stephanie Minich says:
Sep 18, 2017

We are so glad you are here!
Good luck on this endeavor! I’m sure you will be awesome! 🙂

Megan E Murphy says:
Sep 21, 2017

Hi Trica,
Welcome back I am doing good at work and I am loving it. I hope to try to stop by to say hi and see how things are going and all that I am having a good time at my work and eveyone there are being sooo nice to me and all that

John Doetsch says:
Sep 26, 2017

Im happy that Trica is back at no bounies. Good luck on your new rule.

Anton Gadbois says:
Sep 27, 2017

I am so proud of Tricia to be part of the Search and No Boundaries team. Tricia is very understanding with all people with all different backgrounds and people with all different disabilities.
By Anton Gadbois

Matt Gulbransen says:
Sep 28, 2017

Dear Tricia

So far I am enjoying working here at No Boundaries and having you and Stephanie working with me. I’m glad that you are happy to be working here at No Boundaries. I am trying to get better at telling time and reading.

Matt Gulbransen

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