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Guest Speaker Series: Working At Target

Posted by on September 4, 2014 - 1 Comment

Guest Speaker Sarah GoldenbergRecently, we had Sarah Goldberg, a guest speaker currently working at Target stop by No Boundaries to tell us about her experience working at the retail store as a person with a disability. She has a lot of experience working at the cash register and interacting with customers at Target. Sarah told us that she loves working there. She also told us about the interview process prior to her being offered the position.

I think this meeting with her was totally awesome. One thing that stood out was her flexible schedule at Target. Sarah Golberg has inspired me a lot because she discussed how she was able to cope with different types of customers. It was very interesting that she had a lot of managers and co-workers too. She wore her Target uniform to No Boundaries when she came, and also she brought her service dog. I was surprised that she doesn’t bring her service dog Bauer to her work site, he was very well behaved.

Below is a list of some of the things Sarah went over during her visit and what I’ve learned from her:

  • Sarah’s experience at Target:
    • At Target she has worked as cashier, which requires being able to count money
    • She meets and greets the customers that come in to shop there
    • She has to have a smile on her face to make customers feel welcome
  • How I felt about her visit to No Boundaries:
    • I thought her job was interesting
    • She was very clear, and focused on the topic that she was talking about
    • She had a positive attitude towards her job
    • She was very positive about her job experience at Target
  • What I have learned from Sarah Goldenberg:
    • I learned that Sarah stayed positive during the interview process
    • She likes working at Target
    • Sarah has a smiling face at work
    • She meets and greets her customers when they are going on their shopping spree
    • She is a people person

Are you looking for a job in retail? What are some of the skills you think you need for that type of position?

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This article was written by our No Boundaries – Train for Work, Train for Life participant Abegail.

1 Comment

Leah says:
Sep 11, 2014

It was really great to meet Sarah and her service dog Baure. Sarah is really an interesting girl and a co-worker I like the way when she talked about what is it like to work at Target and having a job there. Also I liked how she told us what she does at her work and if she had any problems she can talk to her manager and co-workers.

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