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Good Customer Service At Your Door

Posted by on January 24, 2013 - 12 Comments

You’re a business owner and you want to provide good customer service.  For your customers with disabilities, a simple bell is a great tool.

Big Desire, Limited Resources

What if your customer needs help to get into the door of your business?  Whether you run a restaurant, a store, a doctor’s office or a bank – any business – you know that if a customer with a disability or an elderly person needed assistance getting through your front door, you would gladly help.  But watching over that door all day is something your small business just doesn’t have the manpower to do.

A Win-Win Solution

hand pushing the JJ's List Big Bell from Inclusion Solutions

JJ's List BigBell at the entrance of Curt's Cafe

So, what if you could be easily alerted when help is needed at the door to your business?  Inclusion Solutions developed the BigBell to help your customers with disabilities, and anyone else who wants assistance, get the help they need at the front door. It’s simple.  A large, inexpensive wireless doorbell can be easily installed within minutes at your front door.  A small, wireless receiver lights up and rings inside when the BigBell is pushed to alert staff  that a person needing extra help is at the front door.   (see it in action above). The bell is large enough for anyone with a mobility challenge to use.  That includes parents with strollers and even your friendly delivery person who’s carrying a stack of boxes.

Disability equals Diversity
Inclusion Solutions recently teamed up with us to add the JJ’s List disability awareness logo to the BigBell.  Now, when a business installs a BigBell, it can carry the JJ’s List credential to let the growing population of socially conscious customers know that disability awareness is part of its diversity efforts in the community.

Avoid The Disability Dance
Using the BigBell can help your staff avoid that awkward disability dance of  ‘Should I or should I not offer assistance to a person with a disability?  Will I offend or will it be appreciated?’ That’s because, a customer who has rung your BigBell has already indicated the need for assistance, so it’s easy to offer further assistance inside.


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Written by Shuling Yong
Shuling Yong is the Digital Marketing and Community Engagement Specialist at, a disability awareness training, credentialing and digital marketing social enterprise connecting businesses and people with disabilities. You can find her on Google+ and Twitter.
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Jake says:
Jan 31, 2013

Love the video! Hope to come to Curt’s Cafe again soon!

gordon says:
Feb 01, 2013

Congradulations. This is womdweful.

gordon says:
Feb 01, 2013


EdHanley says:
Feb 01, 2013

Fantastic Idea JJ’s List! Inovation ideas are exciting to see. Great video too.
When are you expanding to other states like mine…California?

Fenell says:
Feb 01, 2013

That is so awesome! Congratulations JJ’s List!!!

Paul Anderson says:
Feb 01, 2013

A simple but ingenious idea.
It goes to show that there are people who care for the disabled and they are doing their bit to help the physically challenged feel comfortable.

Sandy Wettig says:
Feb 03, 2013

JJ Hanley,

You are doing amazning things. What a great idea!

Karl says:
Feb 04, 2013

Great idea. You are doing a fantastic job making it easier for those with disabilities to navigate their way throughout the community.

Linda Gonsalves says:
Mar 23, 2013

How do you go about purchasing a Big Bell and what is the cost?

yongshuling says:
Apr 02, 2013

Hi Linda,

Thanks for reaching out to us. The folks at Inclusion Solutions are the ones who sell the BigBell. ( If you’d like the JJ’s List-BigBell, which will also let others know that you are a disability-aware business, just let the folks know when making your purchase.

We’ll drop them a note to let them know you’re planning on contacting them as well. Thank you for your efforts in providing better customer service to all!


patrick hughes says:
Apr 02, 2013

Linda, by all means, please call our office and talk to either me or Clark – 847 869 2500 – any JJ’s list branded BigBell that is sold we make a donation back to the organization. Please call us. Thank you

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