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FREE Reviews for Change Workshops!

Posted by on August 6, 2018 - 3 Comments

By Sarah Armour, Business Assistant, Reviews for Change Trainer, & Self-Advocate

We at are so excited to announce that we are offering free Reviews for Change Workshops to agencies and organizations interested in teaching clients with disabilities a new way to self-advocate.

Reviews for Change Workshops teach individuals with disabilities how to use to advocate for more disability-aware customer service. Through the use of colorful picture tools and interactive exercises, we teach individuals about different types of businesses, define disability awareness, and explain what disability aware customer service looks like. The Reviews for Change Workshops are fun and interactive for everyone involved! is a review website, similar to and Angie’s List – with an important difference. is completely focused on disability awareness. Reviews on rate whether a business is flexible, accessible, respectful and accommodating to patrons with disabilities.

Sarah explaining what we mean by disability features

As the Reviews for Change Workshop Trainer, and a person with a disability, I know how important it is to be a self-advocate. This is why I am passionate about teaching people with disabilities how to post reviews on I believe it is essential for people with disabilities to speak up about their experiences at local businesses. It is important to acknowledge and thank businesses that provide great customer service. Equally important is giving feedback to businesses that are not properly serving their customers with disabilities.

Using as a self-advocacy tool

Posting reviews allows individuals to bring about change in their community! People with disabilities represent billions of dollars of buying power. Posting a review helps people with disabilities tell the business community how they can better serve ALL of their customers.

By reviewing an experience at a business, you are ensuring that your voice matters. Take it from me: when you post a review on, it feels empowering and it helps businesses be more disability-aware.



Laura R Smith says:
Aug 20, 2018

When are you offering these workshops? Are they being offered at JJ’s list? Do you have some dates in mind? I would be interested since I’m working with older students that are ages 18 to 22 and I think that this would be really helpful. Please let me know what are the next steps that I need to do in order to sign up and what the possible dates would be. Thanks

Vicki Klein says:
Aug 21, 2018


We at NSSED are interested in Reviews for Change workshop. We have a Transition Steering Committee that meets regularly. This group consists of all the transition specialists and teachers in the districts.
Would someone be able to come to one of our meetings and talk about this workshop? Or provide a workshop? How long does the workshop take?

Thank you!
Vicki Klein

Terri Simpson says:
Oct 22, 2019

Hi Sarah,
You did such an amazing job with the Hop on the Bus workshop! How can I schedule a Reviews for Change with you?

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