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Even CEOs Need Job Coaches

Posted by on July 10, 2015 - 1 Comment
JJ Hanley

JJ Hanley

I was listening to a podcast by a job coach the other day named Marshall Goldsmith. He’s a pretty famous guy in business because he’s a job coach to leaders of giant companies like General Electric and Motorola.  That’s right.  Even big CEOs of giant corporations need job coaches! Dr. Goldsmith said that being a job coach is more successful when you are job coaching a client who cares.

It got me thinking, that if you have a job coach and you show that you care, you are thinking like a CEO!  Our clients with disabilities who work with job coaches here at our job development center at 824 Dempster in Evanston are looking for employment or already have a job and want to keep that job.

By watching and listening to them, I could see that – just like those CEOs – THEY CARE!  What do our job coaching clients do to show they care?

  • They arrive on time for coaching appointments and always arrive on time for work.
  • They ask, “How am I doing at my job?”
  • They dress neatly – clothes are clean, shirts tucked in, hair combed, teeth brushed.
  • They sit up straight in their chairs.
  • They make eye contact – even if that’s a tough thing to do.

So, whether you have a job or are looking for one, make like a leader of a big company and show that you care!

Have a caring week.

1 Comment

matthew lachapelle says:
Jul 14, 2015

very well down JJ i need to work on that too some times it is hard some times. I need to work on the skills you said i am trying my best every week when i come to work.

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