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End of Year Musings by the Disability Awareness Players

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Disability Awareness Players Michaela M, Billy C, Sarah A, Sarah ST, Bring R, and Henry

The end of the year is a time of reflection, so we asked the Disability Awareness Players a question for reflection. Below are some of their thoughts.

“What was your favorite thing you did in 2021, and what are you looking forward to in 2022?”

Alana:I liked going to visit my sister at Grinnell College and visiting my grandmother. Going somewhere like Florida or California for vacation.

Michaela: “Moving into my own apartment and being able to decorate it how I want. Finding more activities to do.”

Henry: “I got a Fitbit that helps me keep track of my steps. I am hoping to get my own house.”

Players with Loyola Academy students

Brian: “My favorite thing about 2021 was getting back to in-person Disability Awareness Trainings!  Role-playing in person is more interactive.  I look forward to continuing to build my in-person communication skills and further growing my passion for disability inclusion in 2022.  I also hope to get back to work again.

Matt: “In the year 2021, my favorite thing was working with a great team of people that care for me.  I am looking forward to taking dance and singing lessons and being with friends. I think I want to do more and go on vacation by myself. I love being a Disability Awareness Player and I want to present at places where we haven’t before.”

Molly: “My favorite thing I did in 2021 was attending the wedding of one of my college friends.  I’m looking forward to going to Disney World in 2022.”

Sarah A: “My favorite thing about 2021 was being able to do Reviews for Change Workshops with the Ignite group again. I look to doing more in-person Disability Awareness Trainings in 2022.”

Disability Awareness Players Billy C, Allissa B, Brian R, and John G

John G: “One of my favorite things I did in 2021 was getting back into work and other things. I thought we came up with a unique and interesting way to spread our message about disability awareness virtually. I am hoping that we get back into doing a lot more presentations next year.”

Sarah S-T: My favorite thing that I did in 2021 was learning how to use Zoom to communicate with people near and far. I’m looking forward to having more in-person Disability Awareness Trainings and moving into my own condo in 2022. 

Abby:My favorite thing was my parents adopting two new dogs from One Tail At A Time and celebrating my 33rd birthday in October. I am looking forward to not having to wear a face mask anymore and for COVID-19 to go away for good!”

John D:  “My favorite thing in 2021 was going to Florida for Halloween. I’m looking forward to doing stuff without Covid-19 restrictions.”

Tricia: “Getting to be with people in person. More people getting vaccinated so we all can return to normal.”

How about you? What was your favorite memory of 2021, and what are you looking forward to in the new year?




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