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Do You Know How to Ride the Bus?

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Teaching on board a busOne of the crucial skills for living an independent life is knowing how to use public transportation. Skills that many of us take for granted, such as looking up directions, paying your fare at the fare box, and signaling the driver when to stop, might feel a lot more daunting to some people with disabilities.  JJ’s List recognized this, and knew it was so important to include a lesson on this in our SPILLS curriculum… but we didn’t stop there. We decided to take it up another notch!

Now JJ’s List has teamed up with Pace Suburban Bus to bring a hands-on, interactive lesson for teens and adults with disabilities to learn how to use public transportation! The workshop premiered at the 2012  Arc Convention and took the audience by storm, first with the on-line experience of using trip-planning tool, and then with the on-land experience of boarding an actual bus and learning from Pace rep Bryce Word the 4 steps to riding safely.


getting around with goroo.comDuring the session, titled “Hop On The Bus To Independence” participants asked plenty of questions and offered helpful comments to a representative from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), who was present at the session.

JJ’s List and Pace will take “Hop On The Bus To Independence” to schools around the Chicago area when school starts in the fall, so more students with disabilities can pick up these essential onland-online public transportation skills.

Do you want the JJ’s List-Pace lesson to come to your school during the 2012/13 school year? Book your “Hop On The Bus To Independence” session now.  Simply reach out to us at!

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