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Disability Awareness Training at Skokie School!

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On April 8th, 2016, the Disability Awareness Players did a Disability Awareness Training for the 5th and 6th graders at the Skokie School in the New Trier Township school district 36.  All 420 students and 50 staff members were trained!

The Skokie School had a ‘Health and Wellness Day’ of guest speakers from the community and we were their first group of the day.  We usually do Disability Awareness Trainings for businesses but the kids are the human resources employees of tomorrow!  They are the best audience ever.

We loved the kids’ energy and, of course, they ask all the blunt questions but with respect.  Often, it’s the adults who are scared to ask the real burning questions.  The Disability Awareness Players are all made up of adults with various disabilities, therefore, there was an authentic nature to the event that couldn’t be explained but it was there for the players, students, and teachers.

I, myself, was nervous because of the way my voice sounds so kids often notice and sometimes point it out.  However, I felt comfortable in a way with these kids that I thought would never happen.  We were all on an even playing field.  We were all learning from each other in a safe environment.  That is exactly the way we drew it up!

I am very grateful for that environment, which happened because of every single person in that room.  The walls came down for everyone and that’s why it worked.

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Jake says:
Apr 20, 2016

This was honestly one of my favorite trainings to date. The audience was so great, and each volunteer did an excellent job in the role plays!

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