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Disability Awareness Players Take to the Stage

Posted by on November 1, 2016 - 2 Comments

Thanks to a  grant from the Reva and David Logan Foundation our Disability Awareness Players went to the Lookingglass Theater in Chicago for another successful Disability Awareness Training. The participants were very engaged and enjoyed the presentation. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Thank you for taking the time and heart to do this! So helpful, informative, and great environment. Thank you for your talents, humor, and willingness to teach and spread awareness.”

“I felt like this was a great introduction to a new way of thinking.”

“The discussion of person-first language was really helpful because I had never been told to use that language. And the roleplay was really helpful in observing and absorbing how to interact!”

“This exceeded my expectations because the training was much more holistic and spoke about cultural awareness.”

Thank you to all who participated in the Training, and we look forward to the next one! IMG_2406




Brian Rohde says:
Nov 03, 2016

The LookingGlass training was a success! The audience was very welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed the training and the audience was very enthusiastic in learning the material to become disability aware. The people at LookingGlass were awesome and so was the training!

John Gier says:
Nov 04, 2016

This was one of my favorites!

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