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D-blogger of the month: Katrina Moody at Kat’s Cafe

Posted by on December 9, 2011 - 2 Comments

Honest, relatable and beautifully written. That’s how I’d describe Kat’s Cafe, a blog by Katrina Moody, mother of 3 boys who are all on the autism spectrum and share a rare disorder Rieger Syndrome. Kat takes us on a journey of words and paints a picture in our minds with details so intricate it feels almost like we’re there with her. There’s no sugar coating in her stories. Kat tells it as it is… but she always finds a way at the end to help us look at the situation through the lens of unconditional love.

One of my favorite entries was Epilepsy, Autism, Rare Disease – How Special Needs Change a Family

“I used to think it wasn’t possible for one family to experience so many diagnoses. I found out, over the years, that it is indeed possible.

Child by child, we added more diagnoses, answers to developmental delays and vision problems, eating difficulties, muscle tone … answers that ended in some diagnoses, and more questions. Instead of enjoying those early years, spending time learning to be a mother, I was learning how to be a therapist, caregiver, nurse, wife, and mother all in one. Instead of simply being a daddy, Jim was dealing with the same, added to the guilt of carrying the genetic condition linking the boys’ various conditions together.”

And another must-share here, about her favorite things about being a special needs parent.

Thank you for sharing your stories, Kat. I’m looking forward to more.


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Katrina Moody says:
Dec 09, 2011

Aw – thanks so much! How very sweet of you and seriously? You just made my day! I really appreciate your kind words!

Shuling says:
Dec 16, 2011

The pleasure’s ours, Katrina! Thanks for stopping by, we really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing with Kat’s Cafe. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you down the line too. 🙂


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