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Could This Be Game-Changing Autism Research?

Posted by on May 9, 2014 - 0 Comments
Alysson Muotri

Assistant Professor Alysson Muotri, UC San Diego

Recently, an article by NBC San Diego entitled “UC San Diego Autism Research Described as ‘Game Changer’” has come to our attention. Researchers at UC San Diego have taken stem cells from children with autism and converted them into brain cells. The researchers call this the titular “game-changer”, as they hope to create an effective treatment for autism.

The report, written by Liberty Zabala and R. Stickney said that when these stem cells, as part of a drug, were used on autistic brain cells, brain activity increased. While the drug itself is currently unsafe for human use, the head of the project, Alysson Muotri, whose own son is a child with autism, hopes that it can be used to help reverse autism.

This research is very interesting. We’ll be sure to watch this development carefully. If it means kids with autism can become more independent (as the lead researcher hopes can happen with his son), then we’ll welcome whatever positive developments come out of this research.

Our founder, JJ Hanley, is impressed with this research saying, “It’s another step in understanding Autism and its causes and treatments. It’s amazing to see the changes taking place since I started in this field in 1996 when we were still very much in the dark ages.”

JJ’s List will continue to watch these developments as they unfold and we are eager to hear what other results come from this research.

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