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ComEd Energy Ambassador Visits Brookfield Zoo

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Brian with fellow ComEd Ambassador Jessica

The Brookfield Zoo had a special Halloween event called Boo! At the Zoo! One of our ComEd Energy Force Ambassadors, Brian Rhode, hosted a table with another Ambassador, Jessica Esteves. They interacted with Brookfield Zoo guests by providing energy efficiency tips and passed out giveaways. Rhode enjoyed engaging with many children dressed in Halloween costumes because they were more than thrilled with the free giveaways, especially the sunglasses.  Also, he tested children and adults of all ages their knowledge about energy efficiency by giving an energy efficiency quiz.

Rhode participated in the event at Brookfield Zoo because the zoo is passionate for environmental conservation. He shares a passion for environmental conservation, and wants to be committed to both      Brookfield Zoo’s mission for conservation and further develop his passion and knowledge about conservation.  The zoo seemed to be a perfect match for an event because he was able to engage with the public about energy efficiency and conservation.  Also, he participated in the event because he enjoys visiting the zoo and is fascinated by the wildlife at the zoo.

There will be similar events in the future, and Rhode is required to complete 12 events at different venues.  Most recently, he went to ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo on December 2nd and hosted a table in the Lion House.

The ComEd Energy Force program has significantly built Brian’s confidence and motivation to communicate and interact with people.  Energy conservation is an issue that is critical for making the planet more environmentally friendly for future generations. Rhode’s  goal is to convey the importance of environmental conservation to the public because he wants to be active in taking the initiative to raise awareness of conservation.  Since he has developed strong communication skills through the ComEd Energy Force Program, he has been more comfortable interacting with people about conservation.  Rhode has enjoyed his role as an Energy Force Ambassador because he not only has a strong passion for conservation, but he is able to maintain his passion with a friendly demeanor when communicating with the public.  

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