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Celebrating a Birthday in Style

Posted by on October 11, 2018 - 1 Comment

Becky at Ignite

By Becky Shuman, Ignite Participant

Becky is a participant in the Search, Inc. Ignite program located in our Evanston office. We asked Becky to share her experiences, thoughts, and recommendations about her recent birthday celebration.

Q. When was your birthday?
A. My birthday was October 2nd.

Q. With whom did you celebrate your birthday?
A. I celebrated my birthday with my mom and dad.

Q. Did you do anything special to celebrate your birthday?
A. I went out to dinner with my mom and dad at a restaurant in downtown Chicago called the Gage. Then my mom and I saw the musical, Hamilton, which was very fun and entertaining. My dad didn’t come to the show because it’s not his thing.

Q. What did you enjoy more: dinner or the show?
A. I actually liked them both equally. The venison burger and fries at the Gage were really good.  And Hamilton was fantastic and lively.

Q. What were your favorite things about Hamilton?
A. My favorite thing was the costumes people wore in the musical. They were like the olden days but modern. I also liked the music and singing. But what I really liked was that there were really handsome guys in the show. My favorite scene was when Alexander Hamilton had an argument. I also liked that the cast was racially diverse even though in the olden days they were segregated.

Q. Are you bothered by crowds, noise, and/or lights? If so, how did you handle the theater?
A. I am very annoyed by crowds. They are overwhelming. There were tons and tons of people at the theater. It was crowded. And it’s humongous. I wanted to go to this play, so I thought positive thoughts, not negative thoughts, and I was happy to be there. I tried not to get upset and I got there as early as possible. I wore flat Adidas because I can’t walk in high heels. That way I could walk in the theater easily.

Becky Shuman

Q. Can you offer any tips to people who might be nervous about going to the theater?
Don’t be nervous and be yourself.
Always remember to remain calm.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Q. How did the staff treat you? Were they accommodating?
A. Very good; one lady was very nice and told me how long the show would last.

Q. Do you have plans to go to the theater again soon?

A. Yes, I really want to go see the musicals Kinky Boots, Fiddler on the RoofCats, and Bronx Tales.

In conclusion, Becky says, “I feel really happy that I got to celebrate my birthday that way. I got to spend it with my mom and dad. We got home late but it was worth it!”

Happy Birthday Becky! Thank you for sharing with us.

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Brian Rohde says:
Oct 23, 2018

Happy belated birthday, Becky!

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