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Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.15.02 AMAt we focus a lot on educating businesses to be disability-aware. There are various ways to do that, from our disability awareness trainings to the blogs and resources we post on our website. However, I think the best way to do so is for businesses to listen to their customers. As consumers, we want the same things from a business (with or without a disability): courteous staff, quality products, and an understanding of our needs as customers. This is why I am often willing to give an opinion about a business. When friends ask me about the best restaurants, I often recommend one that I feel provided the best service. If I don’t have a suggestion it is likely going to be one that I’ve heard about from friends or family members. Hence, it goes without saying, word of mouth is still the biggest catalyst for bringing in customers.

In our digital world, word of mouth often comes from online reviews, we rely on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites that tell us if it’s worth stopping by a store for the latest fashion trend. Most of these choices come from recommendations. This is why we’ve rolled out our “Reviewer of the Week” campaign; to highlight reviewers wanting to share their experiences at various businesses in their community. Our goal is to start the dialogue between the customer and the business. Ultimately, we hope, this is what will get businesses to hear what their customers are saying and for customers to put a spotlight on their favorite businesses and the ones they feel are being disability-aware. This week read John Maxson’s review of Buffalo Wild Wings in Evanston, IL.

Have an opinion about a business you’ve visited recently? Write a review and play a part in making the marketplace disability accessible!

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