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Service Dogs: Pets, Pests or Medical Equipment?


Review that inspired this post – about being refused entry to a restaurant because of the presence of a service dog

I recently read a review on about a couple accompanied by their Service Dog who visited Wedgewood Farms Restaurant in Burlington Township, New Jersey,…

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[How To Video] Getting Around on Pace Bus: How To Plan Your Trip

Learn how to use an online trip planner to make sure you have all the information you need to travel independently on public transportation.

In the first of our series of four instructional videos, advocates Tim Finnegan and Bridget Brown show you how to use…

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Behind The Scenes: Video Production Set for Pace Bus Instructional Video Series

The ability to take public transportation is a crucial part of independent living. For many people with disabilities, anxiety and lack of training are barriers to taking the bus or train.
Getting Around On Pace

JJ’s List is excited to be working with Pace Suburban Bus on…

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Song Promotes Inclusion

New song “The Little Bus” promotes inclusion of people with disabilities

Inspired by his son Tommy, Buc Williams writes and records a song with all-star musicians to promote inclusion of people with disabilities.

When Buc Williams contacted JJ’s List about his song “The Little Bus“, inspired by his son Thomas who has severe Epilepsy, and  recorded with Nashville…

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Peanut Butter And Jelly Gourmet Granola Bar by Kando Bakery

Chewy Granola Bars for Social Good

These gourmet granola bars are not just chewy, soft and delicious, but they also help provide meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Strawberry Lemonade Gourmet Granola Bar

Available in 12 different kinds, including Blueberry Almond, Cranberry Apple Pecan, Pina Colada and Strawberry Lemonade, these…

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Jewel Osco Store

Customer Service Fail: Jewel Osco’s new cart-to-car service backfires

Following the new management takeover, Jewel Osco now has a new mandatory service that means your bagger will accompany you and your cart out to your vehicle, whether you want it or not.

Sure, it’s a great perk to have if you’ve got too many bags…

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overall state rankings for disability service map

Disability State Rankings 2013

Which states rank best when it comes to services for people with disabilities? The Case For Inclusion 2013, released yesterday by United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), ranks states – not on their spending – but on their outcomes for Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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empty special education classroom with desks and chairs

Innovation In The Special Education Classroom

04/12/13 - Education - 3 Comments

Teaching students with disabilities the importance of self-advocacy can be challenging. Here’s how two special ed teachers are using our free tool in their classrooms.


Theresa Buckman,
Special Education District of Lake County

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JJ Hanley Headshot

JJ Hanley Earns Award For Advocacy Leadership

Team JJ's List is so proud of you!

We’ve always known our fearless leader JJ Hanley to be an all-round awesome human being, but we love it when other people prove us right. 😉

JJ will be honored as the Advocacy Leadership Award Recipient at this year’s…

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captcha examples

Warning: Use CAPTCHAs to Stop Spam at Your Own Risk

The trouble with using CAPTCHA Codes is that they keep out more than just spam; They could be keeping your customers away too.

Congress lactated. Pness. Café beefster. Decision nopill.10010 magoos.

No, this is not some mystical communication arriving digitally from a distant galaxy; nor is it…

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