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Ask Adrian Anything – About Creative Writing

Posted by on January 22, 2021 - 1 Comment

In this installment of “Ask Adrian Anything,” JJ’s List asked Adrian about his creative writing. He is a prolific writer of poetry and fiction, some of which we post on our site. We wanted to learn how he got into writing, where he finds his inspiration, and what advice he offers to beginner writers. Read below what he has to say!

Adrian Drower

When or how did you realize you enjoyed writing/wanted to become a writer?

Middle school was when I started using my imagination in creative ways to help overcome fears, like transitions and major changes. At the time, my nerves mainly took over when transitioning from middle school to high school. I found it helpful to write out how I was feeling in a creative way. Once I started creating these new worlds, I couldn’t stop. I had found a way to keep my stress levels down and to deal with whatever life had to offer.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories and poems?

I can find inspiration from anything, anyone and anywhere. For example, inspiration from the author JK Rowling or the poet Robert Frost. Also from movies, books, TV shows, and from personal experiences to the world around me.

My own active imagination has been very helpful in my writing. I’m the kind of person who can find the fun and funny in a dark time. When certain feelings come up or when a situation occurs, I can let my imagination run a little wild and create a story, poem or lyrics to a song. That is the beauty of creative writing; it’s a way to tell a story from any perspective.

Adrian writing in his journal

What sort of training or support do you get for writing?   

I have been going to the creative writing workshop, Heartwords, at Center for Independent Futures for many years, which has helped me become a better writer. The staff and participants in Heartwords provide constructive feedback and being exposed to different writing styles opens my eyes to different ways of writing.

My brother has been very helpful to me. He got me a Masterclass for creative writing as a holiday gift two years ago. Other family members and friends also provide a lot of support.

What does the art of writing do for you personally?

Creative writing is a form of self-expression that gives me a chance to escape from the pressures and stress of everyday life. It lets me create my own worlds and get away from reality, where I control what happens and can paint myself as a hero or superhero. It gives me something good to look toward. I can create the outcome of what I write.

What better way to deal with pressure and stress than to create your own world?

Poetry is an emotional escape for me.  Like story writing, poetry allows me to pour out how I feel on a subject and not worry about any form of judgement.  Because I’m expressing how I feel and my opinions through poetry, no one can tell me I’m wrong.

What is your favorite genre of writing?

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction, fiction and fantasy.  Books like Harry Potter, Divergent, and Eragon are three of my many favorites. I do also enjoy suspense, thrillers and mysteries (I’m a big fan of those).

What authors or poets have inspired you?

I like Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.” In my mind the poem talks about trying something new and different. Take the road that most people don’t take and from that, you and your life will benefit from the experience. I like the idea of trying something new and different; getting out of your comfort zone, even if I don’t take my own advice. Eventually I will, it takes time. “The Road Not Taken” inspired me to try another approach to letting out how I feel through journaling. I may even take up meditation.

I also like Langston Hughes’s poem “Dream Deferred.” It inspired me to write a poem called “No Longer Deferred” that begins with the line, “Wait no longer, for your dream.” It is published in a book called A Room of Golden Shells.

Suggestions to beginner writers?

  • Don’t be afraid to express how you feel.
  • Pick a topic and just write.
  • If you’re having writer’s block, don’t panic. Take a break and do something that relaxes you.
  • Always find time to be creative.
  • Look for inspiration everywhere. I’m working on a story that a Lego inspired that goes to show inspiration can be in any shape or size.

Do you have any questions for Adrian about his writing or anything else?  

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Barbara says:
Jan 25, 2021

This article above is so potent. It made me feel sad as well as so proud of your accomplishments. Your mind is a beautiful thing. So proud of you and your soul.

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