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Ask Adrian Anything!

Posted by on May 23, 2016 - 4 Comments

Welcome to the fourth installment of “Ask Adrian Anything!”  This is intended to give our readers an opportunity to communicate directly with our intern, Adrian, about his experiences in the workplace.  It will be conducted in an interview format with Benjamin asking the questions provided by you, our readers!

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Benjamin:  Do you work full or part time and how many hours do you work every day?AdrianFineLine

Adrian:  Yes I work part time.  I work three days a week for six hours a day.  Sometimes a set schedule is a good thing.  It gives you the chance to fill other days of the week with other tasks or events.

Benjamin:  How familiar are you with the different kinds of tile?

Adrian:  I’m not as familiar as I would like to be.  There are so many different types of tile, brick, concrete, porcelain etc. out there that it is hard to keep up.  I’m surprised there is not a overall inventory of every tile, brick, concrete, porcelain etc. out there somewhere.

I may propose a project along those lines to my boss to see whether I can provide additional value on behalf of my employer.

Benjamin:  Do you do other tasks other than making the samples, if so what are they?

Adrian:  Yes.  Aside from the sample work, I do some stock work.  Like if they are running low on something I will get more of whatever it is and keep them well stocked.  I also unpack packages that come in and I will even go on errands to get certain items that they need at The Fine Line.  It actually gives me a chance to plan out what I might do when I get back.

Also, every once in awhile I will put together a bunch of tile samples on larger cards that usually get shipped out.

Benjamin:  What was the interview process like for your jobs at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and The Fine Line?  Were you nervous?

Adrian:  When I was interviewed at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, from what I can remember, it was a blend of formal and informal.  I believe it was at a table in an employee only section and aside from the person giving the interview and myself, I think my dad and the Glenbrook North job coach were there.  I don’t remember the details of the conversation, but I can say yes I was nervous.

When I was interviewed for The Fine Line, I met with the boss and one of the staff team members.  I think the other two were helping people at the time.  It was informal, but some of the questions were similar to the commonly asked questions from the employer.  I don’t remember the details from the interview, but yes I was nervous.  Then again, who wouldn’t be nervous?  Yes it was nervous for me, so like the song from Billy Joel, “Why Should I Worry?”  It’s fine to be nervous when interviewing for a job, actually, feeling that way only makes you human.



Justice Peters Farrell says:
May 25, 2016

Adrian I think you make good points.

matthew lachapelle says:
May 31, 2016

When you are at work when you doing work and your manger tells you go faster. Then you talk to that person and you say. I do not like what you trying to do.

Laurie says:
Jun 06, 2016

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for sharing all of these great answers- they are really helpful! I am curious about the project you mentioned you might propose to your boss that might provide value to your employer. How might you go about introducing a proposed project like this to your boss?

Alex Tello says:
Jun 15, 2016

Adrian i say for you send you a nads vdieo all them . you are coming thuesday check your google , calender ? ok
thank you

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