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Ask Adrian Anything!

Posted by on March 28, 2016 - 14 Comments

Welcome to the first installment of “Ask Adrian Anything!”  This is intended to give our readers an opportunity to communicate directly with our intern, Adrian, about his experiences in the workplace.  It will be conducted in an interview format with Benjamin asking the questions provided by you, our readers!

Please feel free to leave more questions in the comments or contact us on Twitter @JJsList or through Facebook!

Benjamin:  How old were you when you started thinking about employment as something that needed to be planned out and prepared for?  Who was part of your support system for this process?

Adrian:  I was about 18 when I started the transition program through Glenbrook North High School.  The first paying job I had was at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  I remember getting the job before my senior prom.  I was just about to leave for it when I got a call from them saying I got the job.

My parents and the “job coach” were on my team.  The main people that helped me mostly were my parents and for a while I worked with someone from NSSED.  I also met with someone from Anixter North and it worked out well, but they suggested I work at Jewel Osco.  It took me some time to accept the assignment but I went ahead and did it.

I worked at Jewel Osco for from 2012 to 2013 and then my family decided to move to the city.


This blog was written by Adrian, one of our No Boundaries participants. NO BOUNDARIES – Train for Work, Train for Life, a Search, Inc. enterprise, is a “first-of-its-kind” experiential on-land and on-line workplace training center for individuals with disabilities.  Adrian has now become one of‘s interns, focusing on content development and social media.


Julie says:
Mar 28, 2016

My son has Asperger’s. He has graduated from the Uof MN and has2 degrees. He applied at the TSA for a transportation security officer job. On the application he indicated his disability. He was required to see a psychiatrist and Dr and have forms filled out that said he could do the tasks. He was hired and attended training for 6 weeks. Passed all the tests and was set to receive his badge on graduation day. However, he forgot to wear a belt with his uniform…his instructor found him a belt, but the fact he forgot the belt did not sit well with one of the managers. He pulled him out of the grad ceremony and told him that he didn’t think he was professional enough. He told my son that he had to resign or he would be terminated. He instructed my son to fill out the resignation letter and let him go. Now my son is unemployed, unable to collect unemployment, and has $30,000 in student loans. I am upset because I have no idea what to do. I know what happened is wrong. It has to be against some ADA laws. He should have been counseled or warned…not just fired. Better yet they should have fired him, then they would have had to tell him why he was being let go. I did some investigation and found that the TSA has been doing this as a means of firing people and have actually been reprimanded for doing so…if you have any suggestions or help I would deeply appreciate it!
thank you!

Laurie says:
Mar 29, 2016

Hi Adrian, thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions! My question is: where do you work now, and what do you do there?

Abegail J. Stahr says:
Mar 29, 2016

I think it was very inspiring and what does NSSED mean?

matthew lachapelle says:
Mar 29, 2016

When you work for a big store, you learn a lot of different areas in the store. When a manager wants you at a different department in the store and you do not know the area what could you do?

alex tello says:
Mar 30, 2016

hi adrian just read it your iog thiank you for ask you busy on nads adovcate nice day enjoy week

Christopher Wiatr says:
Mar 30, 2016

What kind of work did you want and Why did you want to work? How much longer did you want to work? It you want to work on a store you had to learn how to cash register at Jewel Osco. I looking forward to see how are you doing at store?

Evan Ernsteen says:
Mar 31, 2016

How did you get your first job?

Jake says:
Mar 31, 2016

Thanks Adrian for starting this. This is an excellent blog post.

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Janie Baskin says:
Apr 04, 2016

Adrian, do you have suggestions to make one more marketable in a job interview?

alex tello says:
Apr 11, 2016

adrian have qustion i have get information nads, video all nads adovates speechs our lived
thanks adrian

dan arnett says:
Jul 24, 2016

Is it illegal to draw disability and still work full time? And not pay taxes on that income?

Paul Orfali Insurance says:
Nov 17, 2016

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