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In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month last month, JJ’s List wanted to hear an employer’s perspective on hiring and working with a person with a disability. Below is our short interview with the folks at The Fine Line where our very own Adrian (of “Ask Adrian Anything”) has been working for the past 5 years.

Adrian Drower

Q: People with disabilities often face barriers to employment. How did you come to integrate your staff, i.e. hire an individual with a disability?

FINELINE: Adrian was introduced to us through a friend who was associated with No Boundaries, a skills building program of Search Inc.  Adrian’s integration was rather seamless and uneventful. We had attempted to hire assistants in the past, but none was able to facilitate the tasks that we requested. Adrian truly goes above and beyond the expectations.

He is reliable, shows up on time, and approaches his work with a positive attitude. He presents a willingness and eagerness with every task and challenge we throw at him. Adrian is a fast learner and diligent about getting a job done.

Q: What positive effects, if any, has an integrated workforce had on the business and The Fine Line team?

Adrian at The Fine Line

FINELINE: We are in a very specialized and high-end business, and we are laser-focused on how our products are presented. Adrian is organized and meticulous with each task he completes here at The Fine Line and everyone notices it – from our vendors who receive the samples he creates as our control samples, to the clients themselves. They are so perfect and represent our brand so well. Adrian has a great eye and knows just how to assemble our tile and mosaic samples to perfection.

Adrian brings a big presence with him every day to The Fine Line. His hard work, creativity, and organizational skills motivate us to be at our best. His quick wit and jokes always make us laugh. Adrian brings us encouragement and lightness on a daily basis. He is always so thoughtful and takes pride in his work. He is very intuitive about things and offers a side or opinion you may not have considered. Having Adrian as a member of the team lifts us up and inspires all of us.

Q: How has hiring a person with a disability affected the business and changed people’s attitudes?

FINELINE: It has brought awareness to our community, clients and colleagues. People recognize that Adrian is a big part of our team’s success. His contribution as lead sample librarian is vital to the operation of our showroom. He is an integral part of the bigger whole.

Internally, it increased our respect and appreciation for one another.  And whenever we feel down or frustrated, Adrian always reminds us to stay present and look at the bigger picture.  It really is an exercise in grace.

Q: Would you hire other employees with disabilities?

FINELINE:  Absolutely! The answer is absolutely yes!  Adrian demonstrates time and time again that individuals with disabilities can be successful in our design community and beyond.

Here what Adrian has to say about working by clicking here.

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