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A Look Back on 2014

Posted by on December 12, 2014 - 2 Comments

Staff Memories

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As 2014 comes to an end and the No Boundaries team heads into the final weeks of December, a sense of nostalgia is rapidly consuming the hearts and minds of every staff member at 824 Dempster Street. As a result, the staff roasted some chestnuts on an open fire and shared with each other their favorite memories from the past year.

These are their memories…

JJ (Associate Director):

My favorite memory is when Alex got selected by ComEd to become an Energy Force Ambassador. He looks great in red and does a great job representing the company’s program!

Bill (Digital Marketing & Community Engagement Manager):

Hands down, the best moment for me was when Matthew came to the office saying how excited he was to have received a promotion at Walmart. Also, that time Paul said he was “Sort of famous” in Southern Illinois. That was funny.

Nicole (Employment Manager):

My favorite memory was when Leah sold her painting at the Visibility Arts show. She worked so hard on it and was so proud of herself!

Lena (Employment Specialist):

Our “Getting to Know My Coworkers” module. It was nice hearing everyone’s interests, hobbies, dreams and how much they all had in common.

Erin (Employment Specialist):

When Justice received her internship at Hewn. She was so polite when people thanked her for doing her job and would always respond with an energetic, “Of course!

Nura (No Boundaries Trainer):

The memory I will hold with me is when our Disability Awareness Players trained Horny Toad at 1871 and Sam introduced himself and expressed his gratitude for all the guidance he received at No Boundaries.

Paul (Intern):

I think for me it had to be that I finally managed to break through on the employment front with a job at the Salvi Law Firm. Other than that, it is when I get to practice 1+1 Communication and talk about similar interests like Second City with my co-workers.

Sarah (Business Assistant):

My favorite memory was when we did a training for the Lincoln Elementary School in Highland Park for fifth graders. They asked really great questions.

We hope you enjoyed our brief memories and the smooth voice of Sir Paul McCartney. Stay tuned! In the coming weeks we will share more memories from the remainder of our staff!


Shuling says:
Dec 19, 2014

Awww… sounds like a great year! 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!

Jake says:
Dec 31, 2014

I think one of my favorite memories of 2014 was the 1871 training we did. It was so much fun meeting new people, and the tour after our presentation was a lot of fun! Happy New Year to one and all, and I hope each of you had a great holiday season!

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