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Two Visibility Artists Showing in the Visible Invisible Art Exhibition in Evanston

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Evanston community leaders, Indira Freitas Johnson, Fran Joy, and Lisa Degliantoni, are curating Visibly Invisible, an art exhibition that highlights the violence that many in our community deal with on a day-to-day basis. The exhibit runs from February 4th to March 14th at Evanston’s Noyes Cultural Arts Center.

“Visible Invisible explores invisible violence as it manifests itself in everyday life, in our homes, schools, workspaces, and media. It brings together artists’ voices and viewpoints to investigate the roots of this subversive invisible violence tracing its historical and cultural origins through language, identity-related issues, representation, fluctuating socio-economic conditions, and long-held beliefs.”

Two artists who are part of Visibility Arts at Search, Katy Washington, and Stephanie K, are among the artists whose work will be on display. 

Vis Arts Artist, Katy Washington

Katy is very excited to show her artwork in an exhibition that brings awareness, advocacy, visual arts, and community together. She is proud to be putting herself out there, showing with established artists and rising artists. Bringing advocacy and artwork together for Katy is very meaningful. Katy’s message that she wants to share is that the voice of a black woman artist in a wheelchair should not only be heard but listened to. 

“My work depicts vulnerability and strength, which for me, represents faith in myself. As an artist, invisible violence looks like being treated like an adolescent instead of an adult; being talked down to.  This happens to me regularly – as a woman, as a black woman, as a black woman in a wheelchair. Violence takes many forms. For me, it looks like people do not have empathy, consideration, and peace. In my work, I want to share and communicate to the viewer and the community my sensitivity, my power, my resilience, and my passion.”

Self-Portrait, Vis Arts Artist, Stephanie K

Stephanie is thrilled to be in this show because it allows her to contribute to her community. This is something she wants to do but often finds there are not many spaces that allow her to contribute. Being an advocate for her rights and the rights of others is not only something Stephanie strives for but something she also hopes to inspire others to do. She hopes that her actions and art will educate the community to see and understand that everyone, regardless of ability, background, race, gender, age, etc., should be taken seriously and into consideration. 

“In my art-making, I hope to depict the dreams and beauty within.  People think that those who have disabilities are not intelligent, which is not true.  The treatment and expectations with that thought cause depression and sadness.  There is a loss of sharing and opportunities of contributing.  In my artwork I want to communicate that we all have intelligence; we all have something to share; that it’s important to have dreams; and that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.  I hope the viewer senses the fellowship.”  

Come check out the art and join the community conversation! More information is below.

Visible Invisible Art Exhibit & Community Conversation

Where: 927 Noyes St., 2nd Floor Gallery, Evanston

Opening Reception: Friday, February 4th from 4-7 pm  

Community Conversation: March 3rd at 6:30 pm

The exhibition runs from Friday, February 4th to Monday, March 14th

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